New Annex “Spa & Suite” opened Last December

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Akakura Kanko Hotel


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Name Akakura Kanko Hotel
Address: 216 Takiri, Myoko City, Niigata, Japan
Phone:  0255-87-2501
FAX: 0255-87-2678
Chick in 14:00-19:00 Chick out 12:00


Y312850175Akakura Kanko Hotel in Akakura Onsen, Niigata Prefecture started its business in 1937. Akakura Kanko Hotel is located on the halfway up Mt. Myoko, about 1000 meters high from the sea level. It is consisted of the main house with 49 rooms  and new annex with 8 rooms in Joshinetsu Kogen National Park (上信越高原国立公園, ).

 One of the pioneer resort hotels in Japan opened its new annex “Spa & Suite” last December, followed by renewal project for the main house in December 2008. About 800 million yen was spent for the annex building this time. Including the renewal cost in 2008, over 1400 million yen was invested altogether for both projects.


New Annex “Spa & Suite” 

The new annex is four-floor building from G3 to 1F. “Aqua Terrace” and “Aqua Bar” are on the 1st floor, and “View Earth Spa by CLARINS” is laid out on the G1 floor. On the G2 floor, new guest rooms with outdoor bath are laid out, and training gymnasium and rocker rooms for skiers are on the G3 floor. A corridor on the 1st floor connects to the main house.


“Aqua Terrace” and “Aqua Bar”

 aqua terrace set


Top floor is the 1st floor, because the annex is built on the steep slope, and the floors go downward from G1 to G3. Aqua Terrace is also used as wedding chapel.


New Spa is expected to attracts young ladies and promote increasing number of visitors


Among new facilities, “Heavenly View Earth Spa by CLARINS” co-operating with “The Day Spa” by KS Japan deserves our attention.

Mt. myoko 

Myoko Kogen Heights where the hotel located has two busiest seasons in winter and summer. Although, it is popular for winter snow sports and summer resort, it won’t be able to expect stable amount of arrivals throughout a year. Original style Spa based on good location of Myoko and its hot spring resort is expected to attract more visitors to Myoko and make it stable throughout a year. Equipment of Spa also attracts next generations, especially for young ladies.


“Heavenly View Earth SPA by CLARINS”


 Spa set

“Heavenly View Earth SPA by CLARINS” is located on G1 floor. Cosmetics by CLARINS in France which are used for treatment are available at the shop in the waiting room. About five minutes healing “Earth Ritual” is always performed before treatment in the “Earth Lodge”. The ritual purifies body and sprit of you and makes yourself comfortable in an aroma created by local herbs in the Myoko Heights. 2 treatment rooms for single and 1 room for double which can be separated to two single rooms are laid out. Double room with a shower booth is prepared for family and couple guests.


Guest Rooms in New Annex

New guest room Type A


Powder room of the type A has a shower booth beside the washing basin and an outdoor bath is laid out farther ahead. Every 8 rooms in the annex has outdoor bath and floor space is 59㎡ including outdoor bath and terrace. Living and bed rooms are separated and is equipped with Simmons beds, a gas fireplace, floor heating system, a DVD player, and an iPod applicable audio system. Room rate with dinner and breakfast is upper 34,500 yen including tax and service charge per person when you stay in 2 persons.


New guest room Type B


img_spa_fpowder2Each 4 rooms of Type B is basically same as 4 rooms of type A in lay out and amenity goods but different in its interior art and design of outdoor bath. Outdoor bath in type B has no window frame and free open to the air. Abundant natural hot spring water is provided form the Onsen source and overflows from the bathtub. Washing room is equipped with two washbasins.

CLARINS made French cosmetics such as cleansing cream, facial cleansing cream, face lotion, Water Cream are served in all guest rooms.


Onsen Facility

 Onsen set

Window frame of the women’s grand bath is removed and open widely to the fresh air in summer. The wall is set to separate washing area form the bathtub. Grand bath for men has almost the same space as that of women’s. Fin style dry sauna is equipped for both men and women’s area, but low temperature steam sauna is only for women’s. Women’s Grand Bath is laid out on the G1 floor where the “Heavenly View Earth SPA” is located. This lay out make female customers easy arriving at the grand bath through the waiting room and powder room of the spa.


As a certified guide-interpreter in English and also a writer of the website “Cool Japan Guide”, I am very happy to introduce “Myoko Heights Resort” in Niigata. If you have something to ask, please feel free to contact us. Thank you for your kind cooperation, I am looking forward to your contacts.

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