New Dinning Room & Bar are built on the Old Bathhouse Site

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Shoenso Hozukawatei

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Name Shoenso Hozukawatei
Address: 1-4 Ryuden, Ashinoyama, Hiidano-cho, Kameoka City, Kyoto, 621-0034 Japan
Phone:  0771-22-0903
FAX: 0771-23-6572
Chick in 15:00-19:30 Chick out 10:00


“Yunohana Onsen” (湯の花温泉)is often called as “Kyo-no-okuzashiki” (京の奥座敷)or the guest room of old capital, Kyoto. It takes about 30 to 40 minutes from the center of Kyoto by car. The hot spring resort is surrounded by mountains and is easy access to the boarding site of “Hozugawa River Boat Ride.” It is also very close to Kameoka Station of Sagano Sightseeing Tram. Shoenso Hozukawatei has 56 guest rooms and is the largest one among existing eight Japanese inns in Yunohana Onsen. Its anural occupancy rate is quite high of over 87%.


Hazugawa River Boat Ride

hozugawa-kudari boat ride 

“Hozugawa-kudari” is the best river boat ride in Japan. Once on the boat, you will enjoy a 16 km, two hours journey from Tanba-Kameoka to Arashiyama in Kyoto. It is good idea to be experience the exciting rapids and mysterious deep pools through the ravine in the beautiful seasonal scenery.


Sagano Sightseeing Railway “Torokko in Hozu gorge.”

Sagano_truck set


The Sagano Sightseeing Railway is a wholly owned subsidiary of JR West. The line uses once-abandoned tracks of the Sagano Line (officially a portion of the Sanin Main Line) of JR West, from Trokko Sagano inArashiyama, and passes a gorge offering a scenic view along the Hozugawa River then enters and terminates in the basin of Kamaeoka. It is closed on Wednesdays and in the winter.

The tram line is locally known as “Torokko in Hozu gorge.” Torokko is a Japanese word derived from the English “truck” once used for mining cars hauling ore, but presently means rail carriages for scenic view with rough accommodations.

Hozukawatei started its business in 1964. Although, the original facility was very small wooden structure building of only five guest rooms, it was expanded to 47 rooms in 1989 and new annex in 1996. They invested over 15 billion yen for new annex, and even after that, they has continuously invested for attracting their guests such as building new guest rooms with open air bath and renovation for barrier free.

entrance of the hotel

They additionally invested 300 million yen this time and Dinning Bar “Yuki” and Bar “Matsu” are newly opened on May 1, 2010. The new F&B facilities are laid out on the B1 floor of the annex where used to be Men’s and Women’s Grand Baths. Actually, they built new bathhouse “Kyonoyu-asobidokoro” (京の湯あそび処)beforehand on April 1, 2009.

The outward appearance of “Shoenso Hozukawatei” located along the municipal road “Yunohana Line”. The entrance area is also redesigned this time such as the direction and size of the entrance room for protection against wind.

 Dinning Bar “Yuki” and Bar “Matsu”

 dinning bar set

Right side from the entrance of “Dinning Bar Yuki” there are six seats along the Bar counter. Variety of dishes, such as traditional Japanese “kaiseki” courses, Italian, and French are cooked in the kitchen attached inside and served for the guests. Number of millers is used on the ceiling of “Dinning Bar “Yuki” to make it looked high-ceilinged hall than actual. The site used to be the outdoor grand bath and herb bath before renovation.

sofa and bar matsu 


A part of the dinning bar, sofa sets are placed in front of the hearth for relaxation. Business hours of the dinning are 18:00-21:00, and 20:00-24:00 for the bar.

There is another counter bar named “Bar Matsu” for 10 seats. Beautiful Japanese landscape rock garden can be observed behind the bar counter. Bamboo made chars and bar counter are unique and impressive.

 library&banquet rooms

 The dressing area in the old bathhouse is changed as the library. Old Kyoto style “Machiya” is employed for its interior. Old dressing room for women on the upper floor of “Dinning Bar Yuki” is remodeled as a small Japanese banquet room. All seats for 12 people are “horigotatsu” or sunken floor style so the guests can stretch their legs while eating. Old dressing room for men is remodeled as three private rooms. They can be assembled in one room for eight guests.

The Largest Bathhouse in Yunohana Onsen “Kyo-no-Yuasobi-ba”

kyo-no-yuasobi 2

Old Edo style entrance of “Kyo-no-yuasobi-ba” Quick bathing is not available and all arrival guests are served in set of bathing with lunch or dinner. Lobby and men’s and women’s grand bath are laid out on the 2nd floor of the bathhouse. The stage for traditional “noh” (能) play and “ashiyu” (足湯) are laid out outside of the lobby floor. An ashiyu, is a Japanese public bath where people can bathe their feet. Inner grand baths for men and women are almost the same size. Other bathing facilities such as milky bath, jet bath, and Jacuzzi baths are also provided.


Tow styles of open air baths , “Ishiburo” (石風呂) or rock bath and “Hinokiburo” (檜風呂) or Japanese cider bath, are laid out. The rock garden with the waterfall is just in front of you. “Hinokiburo” is laid out in a corner of Japanese garden along the stream and pond. A “kusuriyu”(薬湯)or a medicinal bath consisting of special mineral rock Maifan Stone and Binchotan (備長炭)or white charcoal is also laid out beside the hinokiburo.

Two reserved private bathrooms are available on the first floor. Additional ¥8,400 including tax for 40 minutes is required. “Hokkori” room has a clean resting area. Another private bath room “Wanagomi” has Japanese style resting room.

 ganbanyoku & sauna

 Mist sauna rooms are also attached in both men’s and women’s grand bath areas. Beautiful outside view can be observed from its window. “Ganbanyoku”(岩盤浴), massage, and aesthetic salon are laid out on the first floor too. A “ganbanyoku” is a hot stone spa originating in Thailand that has become popular in Japan. Body-sized stones, such as granite, are inserted into the floor and heated; users lie, clothed, on the stones, their bodies gradually heating up. If you want to take bath in “ganbanyoku”, ¥2,500 for 50 minutes is required additionally.

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