Still more pursue of ‘Commute with Nature’ as its concept

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Name Niki Club
Address: 2301 Takakuotsu Michishita, Nasu-machi, Nasu-gun, Tochigi, 325-0303 Japan
Phone:  0287-78-2215
FAX: 0287-78-2218
Chick in 15:00 Chick out 12:00


 Old Main House and Annex are remodeled as “Niki Club 1986”

main house room layout in english

Nestled in the lush valley below the beautiful Nasu mountain range, just 75 minutes north of Tokyo, in Tochigi prefecture, is the small Japanese luxury hotel Niki Club. It is a haven for tranquility as well as offering both summer and winter recreational activities. Nasu’s beauty attracts visitors from around the world as the area remains almost completely in its natural state. The Niki Club is an exquisite and picturesque escape into natural beauty and personal discovery.

Niki Club started its business as a membership resort hotel with only 6 guest rooms in 1986. It has grown into an intimate leading class property in one of the most spectacular locations in Japan. In 1997, the annex was built under the design of Architect Mr. Takashi Sugimoto. And renowned architect, Terrance Conran, created the new wing, ‘Niki Club East’ with 24 rooms as ‘NIKI・CLUB & SPA’ in 2003 that stayed true to Niki Club’s philosophy and unrivaled presence. 

Niki Club has continuously created new facilities such as various kinds of art and cultural facilities and others. Their unique management philosophy always deserves our attention. This characteristic hotel has a lot of ardent clients over the world and is considered to be one of the most attractive resort hotels in Japan.

Niki Club renovated its main house and annex and newly named as ‘Niki Club 1986’ in this April. Main purpose of renovation is attracting expecting clients in next generations and dealing with demand for dinning in guest rooms.

PUFF DESIGN STUDIO was in charge for interior design. They tried to pursue still more of hotel concept “Commute with Nature”. Excellent designer team created new attraction to Niki Club.


A stream of Futaaigawa River separates each wing


Newly renovated ‘NIKI CLUB 1986 (Main House)’ is consisted of the old main house with 6 guest rooms, which was designed by architect Akira Watanabe and built in 1986 and its annex with 14 guest rooms (now 11 guest rooms) designed by architect Takashi Sugimoto and built in 1997. Old annex side is consisted of two flat reinforced concrete buildings built on the slope along Futaaigawa River(二會川). The skeleton of old buildings was left unchanged and just its interior and structure was remodeled this time. Design team from PUFF DESIGN STUDIO created new attraction for the old annex.


Suite Room ‘Tsutsuji’ (躑躅) is rested in the bosom of nature. 


The vegetation of the garden has been left unchanged and a stream flows in front. The suite room ‘Tsutsuji’ (躑躅76.9㎡) has a wide living and dinning room which is covered by full-frame folding glass windows which can be wholly opened. Full-frame glass windows are also equipped for the bedroom.

Room rate with dinner and breakfast is ¥68,000-¥83,000 per person, including tax and service charge but excluding ¥150 of local tax for hot spring.


The living & dinning area of Suite Room ‘Tsutsuji’

Tsutsuji 2 

Equipped with folding glass windows, the garden side can be fully open to the nature. Sunbeams streaming through the leaves of trees reach even into inside of the room and you may feel like in the forest. Your dinner will be served in the room if you like.


The bedroom of Suite Room ‘Tsutsuji’ is spaciously built.

 Tsutsuji 3

For enjoy seeing outside view, full-framed glass windows from the floor up to the ceiling are equipped. A combination of fixed and sliding windows is employed for good ventilation. Bathroom is covered by woody walls in the center. 

Original design of furniture is arranged in the room, including room lights, and even garbage can covers. LED is used as light source and its frame is stainless steel. Same taste of design is used for light stand in the living and brackets in the powder room. 

Outside garden view from the bathroom through the window

Tsutsuji 4


The bathtub is chosen fitting for Japanese people such as its size, bathing style, and quality of material. Casted metal coated bathtub is used for the suite room ‘Tsutsuji’. 

Not only comfortable, but also modern and sharp image of powder room is equipped. All amenity goods in the powder room are arranged by PUFF DESIGN STUDIO. 


Suite Room ‘Kaede’



Living & Dinning room of Suite Room ‘Kaede’

Spacious living and dinning room faces to the garden through full framed glass windows. You feel like in a fresh green garden. ‘In-room-dine’ is also possible in this room. 

The suite room ‘Kaede’(楓 94.8㎡)is consisted of two bedrooms and two bathrooms. Mist sauna is equipped in the bathroom. Bathtubs in all guest rooms are made of casted metal porcelain enamel which is soft to the touch. It is suitable for guests with children, as well as their grand parents. Room rate with dinner and breakfast is ¥70,000-¥86,000 per person, including tax and service charge but excluding ¥150 of local tax for hot spring.

Under the special program named ‘Chef’s Table’, depending on your request, chef attends and cooks your dishes in front of you in the suite room ‘Kaede’ and ‘Tsutsuji’ with using room kitchen. Ingredients of dishes are basically from local cultivated vegetables and meat. You can enjoy barbeque at the outside garden too.

 Kaede 2

Kitchen counter divides dinning and living areas when you dine at the room. The counter bar is designed not only functional but also refined and beautiful.

Sofa set is arranged in front of the fireplace. Guests arrive Niki Club every four season for enjoy its natural environment and local food, including cold snow season.

 kaede 3 

The height of headboard and other furniture is made lower, and the simple ceiling material is used in the bedroom which makes feel the room more spacious. Mist sauna is equipped in the bathroom for suite room ‘Kaede’. The space this side is for mist sauna. You can enjoy seeing outside view while taking bath.

 kaede 4 

Observe suite room ‘Kaede’ from its garden. All four suite rooms have their own garden. Various styles of outdoor gatherings can be performed, such as garden party.

Each wing is connected by ‘Oyaishi’ stone paved path and stairway. Reinforced concrete made houses changed ancient look and well fit with surrounding scenery after passing of a last few decades.


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As a certified guide-interpreter in English and also a writer of the website “Cool Japan Guide”, I am very happy to introduce “Niki Club” in Nasu Onsen. If you have something to ask, please feel free to contact us. Thank you for your kind cooperation, I am looking forward to your contact.

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