“Tonjiru” for Thanksgiving Lunch

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Thanksgiving Day is not so popular in Japan.  Still, Christian schools and kindergartens as well as Christian churches celebrate Thanksgiving Day.  My elder son’s kindergarten & our church school had Thanksgiving Lunch last week.  Can you guess what we had for the special meal?

Tonjiru is nutritious and easy to cook!

Tonjiru is nutritious and easy to cook!

It’s not Turkey, but huge pots of “Tonjiru”.  What is Tonjiru? It’s pork & vegetable miso-soup :“ton” means pork, and “jiru” means soup.

The kindergarten kids had fun together cutting various vegetables, such as: carrots, Japanese radishes, mashrooms, Japanese leeks, burdock roots, konjacs, etc. and boiling them.  The teachers were busy completing the soup afterward.  We, the mothers, were invited to the big Thanksgiving lunch.  More than 50 people enjoyed the Tonjiru and rice balls on the ground of the kindergarten.

Those who came to church school had not only Tonjiru and rice balls, but also stone-roasted sweet potatoes.  We all enjoyed the big meal in the sunshine and expressed thankfulness and gratitude to God for an abundant harvest!

I think Tonjiru is one of the Japanese dishes for men and women of all ages and all nations!  It’s nutritious and easy to cook!! 

To know more about Tonjiru, check out the following;


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