GOPAN, a rice bread maker, in short supply

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GOPAN, the world first rice bread maker

GOPAN, the world first rice bread maker

If Santa Clause gave me a present, I would definitely ask for “GOPAN”, the world first rice bread maker, which SANYO developed.  But even a Santa would find it difficult to purchase this innovative product by this coming Christmas!

SANYO first announced the news last July that GOPAN would be released for sale in October, but later it said the release would be delayed because of too much demand.  Still, SANYO was ready to accept advance orders at that time.

Another shocking news arrived yesterday that SANYO can’t keep up with production and that it will stop accepting advance orders on December 1st.  Hopefully, SANYO will start producing enough products in April 2011.

 In the first place, what is GOPAN?  Why is it so popular?

GOPAN makes it possible with the cutting edge technology called the “rice paste method” to make bread from “rice grains”, which the Japanese usually have at home.

A conventional bread maker already has a capacity to accept “rice powder” to some extent.  But “rice powder” is twice as expensive as flour and rice grains. 

More and more people came to care about what to eat, and this new product must match people’s demand, I think.

Talking about my family, my younger son has strong allergy to flour, milk, eggs, etc., and he can’t take any flour-based bread.  I already own a conventional bread maker and often make bread, mixing flour and “rice powder”. While my husband, my elder son, and I enjoy the freshly baked bread, my younger son, who is curious about what others families are eating, can’t take it at all.  So GOPAN could allow four of us all to enjoy fresh bread with NO flour and milk. 

It’s like a dream – grains of rice at home could be made to sticky rice in a rice cooker, and bread in a rice bread maker!!


The following youtube site shows the press release of GOPAN:

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