A special old female housekeepers’ cafe was open in Tokyo

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 A cafe all of whose servers were “old female housekeeprs” was open in front of  Tokyo Art Theater(/東京芸術劇場) in Ikebukuro Tokyo on the weekends and public holidays this Oct.30th- Nov.28th.  This was “Cafe Rottenmeier ” http://festival-tokyo.jp/program/cafe_rottenmeier/,  named after the character of the well-known quite astringent chief housekeeper in Heidi“, a worldwide popular juvenile describing a Swiss girl.    grandma5


Every server of the cafe was intentionally austere and frowned upon the customers, calling them “Welcome home, master !  You should behave yourself..”  as if  a strict tutor to a mischievous  child like the descriptions in the book.

However, what is surprising is many of  the servers were actually young beautiful women in their 20s~40s, wearing a special make-ups  so that they looked really old ones.  And some of them were really old females in their 70s. This cafe’s project was produced by Miwa Yanagi, a contemporary art designer.http://www.yanagimiwa.net/   she said, “I wanted to express the concept of old grandmother’s image, as  Japan enjoys the longest female longevity in the world wihich is a good attractive point.” .grandma1


The servers had the customers help make meringue and sometimes performed a short play of “cafe Rottenmeier” and  cooking meringue, singing  and performing a musicial.grandma3

Though the project was  a short temporary event, a lot of customers visited the cafe and enjoyed a mysterious and unrealistic atmosphere of the special space and the services there.

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