Lonely Planet top 10 countries for 2011~surprisingly affordable Japan!!

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JapaneseGardenTNMLonely Planet announced top 10 countries for 2011 including Japan!
This is a big pleasure for us all!

Below is the quote from the Lonely Planet.

10. Japan
Japan has an ill-deserved reputation as an expensive destination where the English language is in short supply. But US$100 cuts of Kobe beef and the occasional Lost in Translation moment aside, Japan is surprisingly affordable and user-friendly. Before you go, stop by your local travel agency and purchase a Japan Rail Pass, which grants you unlimited access to the country’s sophisticated transport network. While Tokyo was ultimately unsuccessful in its bid for the 2016 Summer Olympics, the campaign resulted in increased English signage across the country. So, if Japan has been on your travel wishlist for a while, make this the year that you finally see the birthplace of sushi, sake and sumo.

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