Kiyomasa’s Well at Meiji Shrine popular as power spot

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A well in a garden of Tokyo’s Meiji Shrine has drawn masses of visitors who believe it is a power spot where they can experience positive energy.

Meiji Shirine is the largest Shinto shrine in Tokyo, dedicated to Emperor Meiji and his consort, Emperess Shoken, who passed away in 1912 & 1914 respectively. It was constructed just after the first world war.

The Kiyomasa’s well ( Kiyomasa no Ido) is said to have been dug by famous feudal warlord Kato Kiyomasa, whose family, according to the shrine, had a mansion in the area during the Edo period, although it is unknown if Kiyomasa lived there.

The site became famous after some television programs featured it with people claiming that their luck improved when they used pictures of the well as background screens on their cellphones.

Visitors must pay 500 yen to enter the garden and will need to obtain a numbered ticket to view the well.

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