“Michelin Guide Tokyo Yokohama Kamakura 2011” rollout

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   The rolloout of  the 2011 edition of  “Michelin Guide Tokyo”  revealing its contents was held on the Nov.24th. 

Mitsuhiro Araki(/荒木水都弘),the sushi chef of  "Araki"(/あら輝) (left)

Mitsuhiro Araki(/荒木水都弘),the sushi chef of "Araki"(/あら輝) (left)

    There are some new features in the latest edition which is the fourth edition of  this Guide. One is that it adopts an icon called “Coin mark” which indicates a restaurant at which you can enjoy a meal at 5000 yen (≒$ 61,€46)or less like the lateset edition of  the Guide of  restaurants in Kansai(the West Japan). 

The second is that  for the first time the Tokyo Guide has information on restaurants in Yokohama , the capital city of Kanagawa pref. neighboring Tokyo and Kamakura, a city well known as a popular historical city of tourism  that I  have often written about here before, in Kanagawa as well  in its 4- year history.  That is why the title of the latest edition is “Michelin Tokyo Yokohama Kamakura Guide 2011”.    Both Yokohama celebrated its 150th anniversary since it opened its seaport to the international community last year and Kamakura are visited by so many tourists including  a lot of foreign sightseers.

The number of  restaurants winning three stars is 14 all of which are in Tokyo, those with two stars is 54, and facilities with one star is 198, so,totally 266.   10 of the 14 restaurants won the position for the second time in a row and the “Araki”(/あら輝) a sushi restaurant remarkably got three stars at its debut on the Guide.  

The Guide will be a big help for those who are interested in restaurants or food in Japan(not necessarily Japanese cuisine ) and foreign visitors to Japan.

The chefs of restraunts that have won Three Stars in the 2011 edition

The chefs of restraunts that have won Three Stars in the 2011 edition

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