“KINGRUN ANISON KOUHAKU 2010” being held on the new year’s eve again

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 This year again, “KINGRUN ANISON KOUHAKU” is going to be held and run on the Dec.31st,the new year’s eve.  http://anisonkouhaku.jp/ anisonkouhaku2010

This event of performing popular “anison” or anime songs sung by popular anison singers or singer groups who are divided into two teams of  the White  and the Red  is going to be held and run 22:00 Dec.31st 2010 –  25:30 Jan.1st 2011 at New Pier Hall in Minato-ward, Tokyo. 

I wrote about the “KINGRUN  ANISON KOUHAKU 2009” just one year ago here. http://www.tenkai-japan.com/2009/12/19/anime-songs-kouhaku-utagassen-is-going-to-be-held-on-this-new-years-eve/  The last year’s one was the first event and had a concept of  “the beginning” , while this year’s one which is going to be the second, has the theme of  “the new second call-out”. 

And the spokesperson  of  the production committee of the event 2010 says, “last year we prepared 600 seats for the audience but they were sold out so soon. We are sorry for that inconvenience and this year we have prepared 800 seats. And last year we had three hours for the program ,yet  we will have three hours and half  this time without commercials where 100 anison are going to be sung and played. ” 


Now the quantity and quality of the program seems to become enhanced compared to the last year’s.   Actually, all the 800 seats have already sold out…  The performers of the anison in the program are as follows;

<白組>(The White Team)
石原慎一 / 鵜島仁文 / 柿島伸次(かっきー&アッシュポテト) / 神威がくぽ(がくっぽいど) / 川添智久 / 喜多修平 / コタニキンヤ. / サイキックラバー / 佐々木望 / 関俊彦 / 関智一 / たいらいさお / 谷本貴義 / T-Pistonz+KMC / 成田賢 / NoB / 速水けんたろう / 福沢良一 / 腐男塾 / bless4 / 水島裕 / 宮内タカユキ / 山形ユキオ
白組司会: 荘口彰久 

<赤組>(The Red Team)
AKINO / azusa / Asriel / 麻生夏子 / 彩音 / 池田彩 / ウルトラプリズム / 榎本温子 / 太田貴子 / 沖佳苗 / おさかなペンギン(井上喜久子・岩男潤子) / GUMI(メグッポイド) / 五條真由美 / 佐咲紗花 / 詩織 / ジェーニャ / 崔善德 / DOYO組 / 中野愛子 / 南里侑香 / 野水いおり / mao / 松本梨香 / MIQ / 宮本佳那子 / 山野さと子 / 山本麻里安 / 米倉千尋 / 米澤円
赤組司会: 喜屋武ちあき
司会アシスタント: 中嶋アキ&ヒロ 

Chiaki  Kyan(/喜屋武ちあき) ,who is going to host the program as the emcee of the Red Team for the first time, is a young female idol well known as a heavy geek of  anime, manga, and other subcultural items. She is also known as a member of  “中野腐女子シスターズ”(Nakano Fujyoshi Sisters, Nakano Yaoi Fan girl Sisters ),a  young female idol group of  subculture.http://nfs724.com/  kyanchiaki

This year, we may expect the event to be much more energetic and exciting than the one last year. 

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