Swimming as OKEIKOGOTO

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Swimming is one of the most popular lessons(okeikogoto) among kids.

Swimming is one of the most popular okeikogoto.

It’s often said and I think it true that many Japanese kids start taking some cultural lessons (Okeikogoto or Naraigoto in Japanese) at their early age.  These are some of the most popular Okeikogoto among kids (3-5 years old); English, swimming, piano, ballet, etc.  Many educational and cultural schools have courses targeting kids.

Talking of my own son (age 4), I did not mean to make (or let ) him take any lessons so early unless he really wants to do it. 

Surprisingly, he said out of the blue, ”I want to try swmming”.  OK… Just give it a try! That’s why he attended the winter swimming course for the last 3 days.  The course was targeted for non-members of the school and its purpose was to enjoy playing with water.  There were five boys participating in the course, with two swimming teachers.  My son said he’d liked it a lot, so he decided to be a member of the swimming school.

He will start a lesson (in other words, he will start playing with water) once a week this month.  Hopefully, swimming will be effective against the asthma. 

At the same time, I have to remember my son’s okeikogoto would make my life busier…  You know why?

The moms are usually in charge of taking their kids to lessons(by car in many cases in Utsunomiya), waiting for the lesson to be finished, and driving them back home.

The story of my life :“Mama’s Life with Tears and Smiles” to be continued in 2011!!

May this year bring all of you great happiness!!

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