Gyoza Restaurant KIRIN in Utsunomiya

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Let me introduce another GYOZA(Chinese-dumplings) restaurant in Utsunomiya: KIRIN.

餃子ガイドブックThe restaurant is introduced in the Japanese Magazine CREA (January 2011 )  as well as in the Utsunomiya Gyoza Official Guidebook.   The Utsunomiya Gyoza Official Guidebook is published by Shimotsuke Shimbun. (¥500, exc tax)




One of the most popular KIRIN gyoza is shrimp gyoza.  Look at the picture!  The whole shrimp is wrapped in each gyoza.  Its hand-made dough is thick and sticky, and matches so well with the juicy gyoza filling!  KIRIN original gyoza is very popular as well.




You can order KIRIN gyoza on the website;

Also, you can buy it at JR Utsunomiya station.

When I visited the restaurant last week to buy some frozen gyoza, a friendly owner welcomed me! きりん店舗

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