Visual-kei band Vidoll to disband, vocalist Jui to go solo

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Vidoll is breaking up this May.This news came up on January 18, just one day before the band’s album “BEST” goes on sale.
The band was formed by Rame, who had recruited the other members starting with Tero followed by Jui and Ayano.

In 2010, Vocalist Jui announced that, immediately following the final of the ReSet tour (September 18, 2010), Vidoll will be taking a break for an undisclosed amount of time. He said that, due to a blood clot in his throat, he was no longer able to hit the high notes, and in fact at times simply stopped speaking due to the pain. Jui said that the break may last as long as two years, as he will be undergoing surgery and recovering.

Jui is going solo.Music label Nippon Crown said that Jui has become very popular even in the United States and Europe, such that there are expectations of him becoming “the next Gackt.” He is already working on his solo debut album, with plans to first release a single titled “Saidai Kouyaku Ai” on April 20.

Vidoll’s final concert is scheduled for May 7 at Shin-Kiba Studio Coast.

Vidoll’s Member
* Jui (ジュイ) – Vocals
* Shun (シュン) – Guitar
* Giru (ギル) – Guitar
* Rame (ラメ) – Bass guitar
* Tero (テロ) – Drum

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