“Not yet” from AKB48 is debuting

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  A new spin-off group from AKB48, currently the most popular national young female idol group is anounced to going to release its debut single CD on this coming Mar. 16th   on the Jan.21 at the AKB48’s “AKB48 Request Hour Setlist Best 100  2011”, its annual concert this year at  SHIBUYA-AX  in Tokyo.  news_thumb_notyet_live1  

The name of the new spin-off group is “Not yet” , consisting of four popular members,namely, Yuko Oshima(/大島優子), Rie Kitahara(/北原里英), Rino Sashihara(/指原莉乃), and Yui Yokoyama(/横山由衣).  Oshima is  the winner of the “gereral election of AKB48” last year and Yokoyama is a new regular member having  been promoted from  traineeship just last October.  news_thumb_notyet_live2  

 The four members announced they are going to debut as  Not yet and release the first CD “Shumatsu Not yet”(/週末Not yet,  A Weekend Not  yet).  This song was written by Yasushi Akimoto (/秋元康), AKB’s  general producer as all the other songs of AKB, SKE, SDN, and NMB.  Yet it was composed by Jun Abe(/安部純), some of whose songs in the past  were for anime works, and arranged by Daisuke Suzuki(/鈴木大輔), a member of  “GIRL NEXT DOOR”, one of the currently top popular J-pop music groups.

AKB has alreadynews_thumb_notyet_live3 accrued some smaller groups, such as “Chocholove From AKB48”, “No Sleeves(/ノースリーブス)”, “Watarirouka Hashiritai(/渡り廊下走り隊)”, “Team Dragon From AKB48″, and”French Kiss”. And just recently Tomomi Itano(/板野友美), one of the original members and quite popular one debuted as a solo singer.  Most of those “subgroups of AKB” are so popular themselves and the constituting members are usually supported by their entertainment agencies respectively. Actually, three of the four members of Not yet are entertainers of  Ohta Pro.(/太田プロ), an influentioal talent agency http://www.ohtapro.co.jp/.

Those groups and members will hopefully establish good rivalry with one another to enhance their talents even more.

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