Toma Ikuta accepts Best New Artist of Blue Ribbon Awards

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toma ikuta

Toma Ikuta (生田斗真),26, has been awarded Best New Artist at the 53rd Blue Ribbon Awards.Ikuta is a Japanese talent artist part of Johnny’s Jr.

Movie critics and writers belonging to several Japanese sports newspapers award Blue Ribbon Awards each year to actors, actresses, directors, and the best film of the previous year.

Ikuta made his silver screen debut with Ningen Shikkaku(人間失格), a spring 2010 movie adaptation of Dazai Osamu’s masterpiece of the same title. Considered a semi-autobiographical novel, Ikuta plays the role of Oba Yozo, a troubled soul who is forced to keep up a facade of hollow jocularity in his everyday life.

Other movies of his in the works are Hanamizuki(ハナミズキ), co-starring Aragaki Yui and Seaside Motel. Meanwhile, Ikuta began playing the role of Honjo Sadame, a failure of an actor in the drama Unubore Deka along with Johnny senior, TOKIO’s Nagase Tomoya.

Ikuta had been recognized in both Ningen Shikkak and Hanamizuki and is the first Johnny’s talent to have won a Blue Ribbon in the agency’s history.

Having joined Johnny’s around the same time as Arashi’s Jun Matsumoto, Kazunari Ninomiya, Masaki Aiba, and NEWS’ Tomohisa Yamashita, it has been reported Ikuta said it had not been easy to establish himself as an actor while everyone around him was working in the music industry.

Ikuta had said from then on he went to see stage plays and movies every week, and even traveled to the UK and Germany to study stage acting.

After reporting to Ningen Shikkaku movie director Genjiro Arato about his win, it has been reported Mr Arato had told Ikuta, “you got the best prize”.

The award ceremony for the Blue Ribbon Awards will be held in Ginza, Tokyo on February 15.
Other major Blue Ribbon winners include Satoshi Tsumabuki for Akunin(悪人), Shinobu Terajima for Caterpillar (キャタピラー ), Yoshino Kimura forKokuhaku(告白).

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