New Attraction ‘The Aqua Garden’ Open!

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1st Arrival in Kyushu! ‘Fountain Art’

-Fantastic Show with Water, Light, Sound, and 3D Images on a Huge Water Screen-


Beppu Suginoi-Hotel-Part 2

 outlook&aqua garden set

Name The Aqua Garden
Address: 2F Suginoi Palace, Beppu Suginoi-Hotel1 Kankaiji, Beppu City, Ohita, Japan
Phone:  0977-24-1161 (for reservations)
Business hours 9:00-22:30



 aqua 1&3 set


 Admission fees including bathing in ‘Tanayu’




New Year’s Days










 aqua garden # ❶Observatory❷Kids’ Spa❸Jet Massage

❹Aqua Massage

❺Vibrate Bath

➏Walking Bath

➐Waterfall Bath


➒Salty Sauna

➓Float-healing Bath

⓫Oval Pool


 Beppu Suginoi-Hotel opened a new attraction, outdoor onsen ‘The Aqua Garden’ on December 11, 2010, where everybody, including family and couple, can bath together in wearing bathing suit. About 3,200 square meters new onsen facility is built just beside of observatory-style onsen ‘Tanayu’.

oval pool&kids' bath 

 It has observatory spa, kid’s spa, walking pool, waterfall style bath, and float healing bath filled with thick salty onsen water. The Aqua Garden is a quite sensational hot spring facility in using your five senses of seeing, listening, and experiencing. The devise of showing 3D images on a huge water screen named ‘fountain show’ is first exhibition in Kyushu.

There are various kinds of attractions such as fantastic ‘fountain show’, onsen mud ‘fangotherapy’, ‘salty sauna’ and ‘floating healing bath’. Business hours are from 10:00 to 22:00.

view from aqua set 

And also, there is a free drawing space for both children and adult, in which erasable crayons by water are used.

You can take bath in the observatory ‘tanayu’ onsen freely after enjoyed in’ the Aqua Garden’ which is connected through dressing room. Of course, beautiful Beppu Bay can be observed from the both.

1 ‘Fountain Art’-Fantastic Show in Water

 fountain show set

 The fountain show is presented by Mr. Michel Amann who is well known art designer as produced popular standard summer event ‘Fountain Show ‘at the Versailles Palace. Combination of fountain show arranged with water, illumination, and sound and 3D images appeared on a huge water screen really bring you to the fantastic world of illusion. Its inexperienced impression fascinates all spectators. This kind of entertainment is the first arrival event in Kyushu.

 2) Onsen mud fangotherapy’ (additional charge \1,000 is required)

 fangotherapy 1Beauty and cure treatment ‘fangotherapy’ has a long history and its origin dates back to the Roman Era. Fangotherapy is a type of treatment where thermal mud that contains high concentrations of minerals is spread over the body to help cleanse, purify, and revitalize the skin. After the mud is applied, the treatment also commonly involves bathing, perspiring, and a massage.

Not only does a fangotherapy session leave you looking radiant and feeling calm (a result from the warm mud), but it also helps draw toxins out of the body, minimize muscle aches and pains, and help treat osteoarthritis, gout, and skin irritations.

The treatment use onsen mud for packing your whole body, in which contains various ingredients of onsen and rich in mineral.


(3) ‘Salty Sauna’-Your choice of salt is used

(additional charge \200 (adult) and ¥100 (child under elementary school) is required) 

Recently, ‘Salty Sauna’ is the most popular in Japan. First, apply salt on your skin, then give a massage after salt is melted caused by your perspiration.

Different from ordinal salty sauna, variety of 30 kinds of salt, imported around the world, are always available in the Aqua Garden. At first, normal quality salt is given, however you can order most suitable one depending on your condition of skin. Prices vary from \100 to ¥1000.


(4) ‘Float Healing Bath’-place for meditation while floating (for adult only)  

‘Float Healing Bath’ is filled with thick salty onsen water. While floating on the hot water, you really feel relaxed. Lay your head on the hedge of the bathtub, and enjoy floating. More than 10 people can share the bath at once. Colorful illumination and sound of music brings you to meditation.


 (5) Floor for drawing or scribbling 

Your artistic sense is in excited. Using erasable crayon, you are allowed drawing any kind of picture or something freely on the floor tile in this space.


(6) Bathing Suit of the Latest Fashion

Bathing Suit Select Shop -‘Sanai Bathing Suit Paradise’ is attached to the Aqua Garden. You can select among latest fashion bathing suits.


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As a certified guide-interpreter in English and also a writer of the website “Cool Japan Guide”, I am very happy to introduce “Beppu Suginoi-Hotel” in Kankaiji Onsen, Kyushu. If you have something to ask, please feel free to contact us. Thank you for your kind cooperation, I am looking forward to your contact.

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