Koharu Kusumi(/久住小春) releasing her first book  

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  Koharu Kusumi(/久住小春), an ex popular member of  “Morning Musume.”(MM),released her first book, “Jyuunanasai no tenshoku”(/17歳の転職, a carrer change at the age of 17), which is an essay,on this Feb.10th from Up Front Books http://www.ufb.jp/. imagesCAHA7FACimagesCAFO9E63

 Kusumi guraduated from MM, one of the top female idol groups,  in Decemebr 2009 as I wrote at that time here http://www.tenkai-japan.com/2009/12/22/the-career-options-of-morining-musume-graduates/ .

Since the graduation, she has been working as a model and an actor. In the book, she writes about her ideas and memories over how it is like  for a 12- year-old anonymouscommon girl to be suddenly become a top idol, and whta it means to her,and reasons and circumstances of  retiring from that kind of life at the age of 17 yeas old.  Therefore, some parts of  her essay is a sort of  autobiography as an ex-top idol, Yet,  she is also interested in cause and effect between health and beauty and food.  While she lived as an young female idol, she had no choice but to eat comparatively unhealthy food,which in her opinion, made her less healthy, compared to her innocent food habit before she had become a showbiz  personality. Som also writes about her ideas over food, health, and beauty, and their correlations.

“Jyuunanasai no Tenshoku” is available at ¥1,500 (≒$18, €13).

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