Solitary Japanese inn attracts so many onsen lovers

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Kintaro Onsen-Part 1


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Name Kintaro Onsen
Address: 6000 Tenjin-noshin, Uotsu City, Toyama, 937-0013 Japan
Phone:  (0765)24-1220 (for reservation)
Chick in 15:00 Chick out 10:00


800px-Tenjinyama01Although, everybody knows ‘Unazuki Onsen’ is the best in Toyama, there are number of good secret hot springs. ‘Kintaro Onsen’ in eastern Uotsu City is one of them. It is a solitary Japanese inn located on the hill called ‘Tenjinyama’.

It takes about 15 minutes from Uotsu Station on the JR Hokuriku-honsen Line. There are different 3 onsen sources and quality of them is almost the same. The hot spring started its business in 1964, after trial boring succeeded and could dug up onsen water from 1,000 m underground.


Origin of the name ‘Kintaro Onsen’

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The name of onsen ‘Kintaro’ has nothing to do with a tale of old Japan ‘Kintaro’ but named as it by developer’s personal judgment. Unique name ‘Kintaro Onsen’ is said to be derived from owner’s wish that ‘every guest will be strong, vigorous, and healthy like a super-kid ‘Kintaro’ after bathing in the onsen.’ You are easy to find a few art objects of ‘Kintaro’ here and there in the precinct.

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Surrounding area is rural districts and the peaks of Tateyama can be observed far-off, but there is nothing to excite the emotions of a traveler. The hotel is considered to be rather popular or ordinal Japanese inn just suitable for large group and family tourists, but still attract many hot spring lovers, because of its quality of onsen.

onsen image with ladyThe hot spring water contains sulfurous-sodium・calcium- chloride (hydrogen sulfide-type), and its original temperature is 75℃. The quality of hot spring water which contains sulfur in a salt spring is rather rare, and also its thickness of 16,170mg/kg is also remarkable. One of the main ingredients is salt which irritates your skin when you shave your face. When you take a glass of hot spring water for medical cure, it is too salty and getting thirsty in a moment. Heat-retention of onsen is high and your whole body will be kept warm in few minutes soaking. You will be able to feel comfortable while bathing in a sulfuric aroma. The Japanese inn is prosperous with many visitors for the onsen facility for day trippers named ‘Carna-no-yakata’ which in built in 2003.


Grand Bathhouse ‘Hekiga-daiyokuden’

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The site of the onsen is about 66,000㎡, and 100 guest rooms are laid out in the main house ‘Kofukaku’ and its annex house. ‘Hekiga-daiyokuden’ or grand bathhouse with wall-painting, exclusively use for room guest is about 990㎡. Tile paintings, created by Cultural Medal Award holder, ceramist Isokichi Asakura, are exhibited on the wall. The work named ‘Shiki-no-hanazono’ is for men’ inner bath and ‘Umibe-hisho’ is for women’s inner bath. In the bathroom, there is a large bathtub separated two in the middle, and a lukewarm bath, a hexagonal shaped vibrant bath, and a sauna. The bathhouse is filled with slight sulfurous smell and its onsen water colors in little white. Abundant onsen water is always running over the bath tub, and regular stirring for keeping comfortable temperature and periodical filtering for avoiding sinter is performed. ‘Yuno-hana’ or sinter is welcome for onsen lovers so that too much filtering is sometimes unnecessary.

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Other side of the bath house is covered by a wide glass window, so you can enjoy seeing ‘Hokurikudo’ high way running through a beautiful rural district. A few sets of table and chair are arranged in window side for bathers. Washing area, stands in a row, is wide enough to cope with a large number of bathers. ‘Carna-no-yakata’ is larger and more popular than the ‘Hekiga-daiyokuden’ so that it is usually not crowded, and also you can take bath even in mid-night.

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