Checkmate!- Namie Amuro collaborates with Anna Tsuchiya, After School, Tomohisa Yamashita, Kaname Kawabata

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Namie Amuro(安室奈美恵)’s collaboration compilation “Checkmate!” is scheduled for release on March 23. The album includes four new songs: “Wonder Woman” with AI and Anna Tsuchiya(土屋アンナ), “make it happen” with Korean group After School, “#1” with Kaname Kawabata (川畑要) of CHEMISTRY, and “UNUSUAL” with Tomohisa Yamashita(山下智久).

Namie Amuro is a famous Japanese artist who’s considered to be the ‘Queen of J-pop’. After School is the only K-pop artist listed in her album, which has generated high interest from both the Korean and Japanese media.

“Wonder Woman” is already being used in a new commercial for Coca-Cola Zero. “UNUSUAL” marks the first time that Amuro has ever collaborated with an artist associated with Johnny’s Jimusho.

Namie Amuro – Best Collaboration Album「Checkmate!」2011.3.23 on sale
<CD>\3,059 (tax in) AVCD-38277 <CD+DVD>\3,990 (tax in) AVCD-38276/B

<CD songs>
・Wonder Woman / Namie Amuro feat. AI & Anna Tsuchiya<New>
※TV commercial for Coca-Cola Zero
・make it happen / Namie Amuro feat. AFTERSCHOOL<New>
・#1 / Namie Amuro feat. Kaname Kawabata(CHEMISTRY)<New>
・UNUSUAL / Namie Amuro feat. Tonohisa Yamashita <New>
・BLACK OUT feat. Lil Wayne & Namie Amuro / VERBAL
・FAKE/AI feat. Namie Amuro
・ROCK U feat. Namie Amuro / ravex
・Do What U Gotta Do feat. AI, Namie Amuro&Mummy-D / ZEEBRA
・Luvotomy/m-flo loves Namie Amuro
・Do or Die feat. Namie Amuro / JHETT
・AFTER PARTY feat. Namie Amuro / ZEEBRA
・Wet’N Wild feat. SUITE CHIC / Heartsdales

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