Celtic Woman to sing a theme song for Princess Toyotomi movie

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celtic woman

Irish female vocal group Celtic Woman has agreed to provide the theme song for the Princess Toyotomi(プリンセス トヨトミ) movie.

Princess Toyotomi is a Japanese movie directed by Masayuki Suzuki and based on a Naoki Prize-nominated novel by Manabu Makime. It will be released by Toho in Japan on May 28, 2011.

Celtic Woman accepted the offer to sing the movie’s theme song, a tune titled “Princess Toyotomi ~ Eien no Kizuna” that was composed by the renowned Sahashi Toshihiko. This is the group’s first time involved with a film soundtrack.

Formed in Ireland in 2004, the Celtic Woman ensemble have sold several million copies of their albums worldwide since their debut and performed multiple international tours. Their most recent album, “Celtic Woman: Lullaby,” was released on February 15.

The film, which was first announced in April 2010, stars Shinichi Tsutsumi (堤真一)backed by a supporting cast of Ayase Haruka (綾瀬はるか), Masaki Okada (岡田将生), and Kiichi Nakai (中井貴一).

The movie is based on the “Princess Toyotomi” novel by author Makime Manabu (“Kamogawa Horumo,” “Shikaotoko Aoniyoshi”). The story revolves around a group of bureaucrats in the national Board of Audit who discover a national secret involving Osaka and the Toyotomi clan that has been hidden for the past 400 years.

Princess Toyotomi (2011) Teaser Trailer

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