Tokyo Marathon 2011 being held

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 The Tokyo Marathon 2011, which has been a popular annual marathon event in Tokyo, was held on Feb.27th.

  This year  about 36,000 runners competed in the event ,which has been the largest number ever.  The course is 42.195km between the  Tokyo Metropolitan Government Tower in Shinjyuku-ward  and Tokyo Big Sight in Koutou-ward,  along Ginza, Asakusa, and other famous areas in Tokyo.

And the marathon started at 9:10am with the shot of the starting pistol by Tokyo Governor Shintarou Ishihara, the competitors started dashing.

The runner finished first is Hailu Mekonnen from Ethiopia with  2 h 27 m 35 sec., the second is Paul Biwott from Kenya, and the third is Yuuki Kawauchi(/川内優輝) from Japan.   Some celebrities competed in the event,such as Neko-Hiroshi(/猫ひろし), a comedian finishing with 2h 37m 43sec., Taichi Kokubun(/国分太一) who is a member of  Tokio, a popular male idol group finishing with  4h 30m 41sec., Yoshizumi Ishihara(/石原良純), a TV personality who is a son of  Tokyo Govenor who shot the starting pistol for this event,with 4h 13m 6sec., and  Sayaka Akimoto(/秋元才加), a member of AKB48, the top young female idol group, with 6h 50m 6sec..


Taichi Kokubun


Sayaka Akimoto

Yoshizumi Ishihara


Neko-Hiroshi’s record is remarkable, and Kokubun did not have to have close-cropped hair, for he had promised he would shave his hair unless he  could  complete the fukk distance.  Yoshizumi Ishihara bested his old record 6 years ago, which made his father happy. And Akimoto, who had resigned her postion of the captain of Team K of AKB, now has reassumed that post with her new glorious success of completion of the mission she had imosed on herself.

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