‘Carna-no-yakata’ Attracts Walk-in Bathers

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Kintaro Onsen-Part 3




Name Kintaro Onsen
Address: 6000 Tenjin-noshin, Uotsu City, Toyama, 937-0013 Japan
Phone:  (0765)24-1220 (for reservation)
URL: http://www.kintarouonsen.co.jp/
Chick in 15:00 Chick out 10:00


‘Carna-no-yakata’ Bathhouse


There is another onsen house ‘Carna-no-yakata’ provided for both room guests and walk-in trippers without stay over night. It has also huge inner grand bath called ‘Tateyama-renpo panorama daiyokujo’ (1,650㎡) and outdoor bath ‘Grand Garden Bath’(990㎡). If you like to enjoy taking bath in all onsen, you are better to stay overnight in the hotel.

The name of the bathhouse ‘Carna’ is said to be a goddess of health derived from Roman mythology. ‘Carna-yakata’ is provided for both, room guests and walk-in bathers without stay over night, and therefore each side has different dressing room. Public facility for walk-in bathers has a large Japanese style dinning room covered with tatami mats, a game corner on the first floor, and a resting room with reclining seats on the second floor. Including its onsen facility and public area in the bathhouse, it is rather better than that in hotel side, and therefore a large number of walk-in bathers arrive in whole day.

Inner Grand Bath ‘Tateyama-renpo panorama daiyokujo’

The inner bath named ‘Teteyama-rnepo Panorama Daiyokuen’ is about 1,650㎡ wide and its bathtub built in rock takes a half of the bathhouse. Choice of good rocks and rare stones, such as blue stone and red stone from Shikoku and others from all over Japan are brought in to the site to create a grand image of ‘Tateyama’ mountain range. A rock mountain is over 5-6m in height built with stones of 2m in diameter. The depth of the mountain is also looked deep enough. It is not an odd article in scale. The large inner bathtub faces to the rocky mountain and an outdoor bath can be observed opposite window side. The artificial rocky mountain is a feature of this onsen. Onsen water resembles to water in which rice has been washed with slight green in color.

There is a special bath tub named ‘Kenko-dojo’ or training bath for healthy body. It is about 3-tatami mat in size and onsen water is rather thicker white in color. According to ‘Kintaro-style Bathing’ exhibited on the wall; ❶Soak your body under the navel in first, then put your neck of both hands into the onsen in about 6-10 minutes. ❷Keep your position until perspiration on your face begins, and then takes a rest in 3-4 minutes after get out form the bathtub. ❸Repeat the same actions several times, and finally soak your whole body in onsen. ❹After the bath, drink a glass of cold milk or fresh water.

Variety of Onsen Menu

The bathhouse is also equipped with a variety of bath tubs, such as ‘Neyu’ or bed-style shallow bath, ‘jacuzzi’ or whirlpool tub, foot bath, jet bath, walking bath, waterfall bath, lukewarm bath, sauna in which also use natural onsen water.

Outdoor bath ‘Grand Garden Bath’ is consisted of two rocky bath in 990㎡ site. It is also built with abundant choice of good rocks and rare stones and wall is surrounded it. Hot spring water is much whiter in color and is hard to watch own feet. You can observe forest over the wall surrounded the outdoor bath and can feel enough its openness.

[Admissions for Walk-in Bathers]

  1 hour 3 hours 1 day
Adult (upper junior-high student) 700yen 1,000yen 1,600yen
Child (under elementary student) 500yen 500yen 800yen
Business hours 8:30-23:00


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As a certified guide-interpreter in English and also a writer of the website “Cool Japan Guide”, I am very happy to introduce “Kintaro Onsen” in Toyama. If you have something to ask or like to make reservation, please feel free to contact us. Thank you for your kind cooperation, I am looking forward to your contact.

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