Hina Matsuri

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Here is one type of Hina Dolls.  There are many kinds.

March 3 is Hina Matsuri (Doll Festival or Girls’ Festival), when people pray for the happiness and healthy growth of girls. Most families with young daughters display beautiful dolls called hina dolls at home.  Hina dolls wear ancient court costumes from Heian period (794-1192) and they are arranged on a tiered stand covered with red felt.

It’s customary to eat Chirashi-zushi (scattered sushi) and Hamaguri Ushiojiru (clear clam soup) on this day.

Just as other homes, my mother used to make Chirashi-zushi and Hamaguri Ushio-jiru when I was a girl. But it was like a long time ago…

Hina doll paper ornament (by my son)

Since I became a mother of two boys, my family and I hadn’t celebrated Hina Matsuri because this festival is basically just for girls. But the paper ornament of Hina dolls, which my elder son made at the kindergarten, suddenly reminded me of the taste of Hina Matsuri meal.

Why don’t my family and I  celebrate this day for a used-to-be girl (= me) as well as girls in the world?

Here are Chirashi-zushi and Hamaguri Ushio-jiru, which I cooked today.

Chirashi-zushi & Hamaguri Ushio-jiru

Let me tell you this;

Some of my female friends, who have sons not girls, also celebrate Hina Matsuri for themselves.   We, mothers, are forever girls, aren’t we!?

Happy Hina Matsuri!!

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