Chiaki Kuriyama hosting the”Hina-matsuri Rock Night”

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 Chiaki Kuriyama(/栗山千明), a popular international actor as well as a singer from Japan, hosted a presenting event of her new single music CD “Oishi Kisetsu/ketteiteki San-punkan”(/おいしい季節/決定的3分間, a delicious season/the crucial three minuates) called “Hina-matsuri Rock Night”(The Doll Festival rock night  ) at Tokyo FM Hall  on this Mar. 3rd, which is the day of Hina-matsuri or Dolls’ Festival.

Chiaki Kuriyama wearing a Japanese kimono and modern rocker's like lace-up boots to celebrate the Hina-matsuri or Girls' Day which is the Dolls Festival

As for the  two new songs, another writer wrote about before on this site. She became a fashon model at the age of 5 first and debuted as an actor starring “Shikoku(/死国)”,a well-known J-horror in1999 at the age of 14.    What made her famous today is her playing a part of a girl assassinator, Go-Go Yubari(/GOGO夕張) in Quentin Tarantino’s  movie “Kill Bill Vol.1” in  Hollywood in 2003. She was introduced as one of the “Great performers 2003″on New York Times Magazine. 

She also played a important part in the original video edition of “Juon(/呪怨)” which was remade as a hollywood movie “Ju-on -The Grudge” afterwards.

At the concert event on the 3rd, Kuriyama introduced and played the music video clips of  the songs of  her new CD which were written, composed, and produced by Ringo shiina(/椎名林檎)、a popular singer who Kuriyama herself is a huge fan of.  Those are the third part of  ” the high-impact trilogy of  the producers” and  Kuriyama really likes those songs.    The event showed the  music video clip  of the making of the two new songs for the first time and also showed the music video clips of “Kanousei Girl”(/可能性ガール,the girl of possibilities) and “Cold Finger Girl”(/コールドフィンガーガール) as well, which are the other parts of the trilogy.

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