NMB48 made its “ringtone debut”

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 NMB48, a young female idol group in Osaka which is a sister group of AKB48, made its “ringtone debut” on this Mar.2nd.  This is said to be the first step to subsequent processes of  its strategies to public relation campaigns.

The group officially debuted as an idol group at NMB48 Thearter in Nanba, Osaka on this Jan.1st and it is currently performing its First Stage setlist of “Dareka no tameni”(/誰かのために, What Can I Do For Someone ?) .     Now, 14 songs in the setlist have made to be ringtones using their each verses and choruses, which form 28 patterns of  ringtones in total.  These ringtones started being pre-distributed on the 2nd from Recochoku http://recochoku.jp/index.html, big music distribution website.  This pre-distribution service is a special campaign before 16th on which date  these ringtones will start being downloadablefrom any other distribution sites as well.  Only during the special service period exclusively, you can download them with photo portraits of 25 NMB48 members and three types of logos  of NMB for standby displays of cell phones.

Aya Yamamoto(/山本彩), the captain of the group said she wanted both those who had been to the concerts and those who had not to carry the music all the time. And a popular member Miyuki watanabe(/渡辺美優紀) said she was so happy to have such a big opportunity for various people to know NMB’s songs and that wanted many people to set the music and portraits and visit the concerts.  

In addition,  at the NMB48 Theater, NMB is hosting a special service of “Hina-matsuri Week” that members distribute “Toyosu no Hina-arare” with members handwritten autographs to visitors to its concerts at the Theater.  arare is a Japanese traditional rice cracker which looks like hail (actually, arare primarily means hail in Japanese) and we eat sepcial type of  arare on March 3rd, Hina-matsuri or Dolls’ Festival Daywhich is called “Hina-arare”.   In East Japan hina- arare are generally sweet but in West Japan, they tend to be salty like other ordinary rice crackers, and Hina-arare produced by Toyosu Co.,Ltd. in Osaka http://www.toyosu.co.jp/index.html is very popular in the western regions. NMB makes much of the people, ideas, and cultures in the western parts including its home base Osaka area.   

the popular Toyosu Hina-arare NMB48's members distribute to the visiting fans

NMB48 Theater

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