Macross Frontier for SHINJUKU MARUI ONE!!!!!

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Hi** long time no see;;

Do you know Macross Frontier ??
It’s very famous robots animation in Japan.
Macross Frontier is the most popular animation in 2009-10.
Two singer “Lanca-lee” and “Sheryl-Nome” are sooo cute!!
They sing many songs in animation, that is very nice.
There are lots of fun that the songs.

in February 26th, Macross Frontier the Movie
“Macross Frontier SAYONARA-NO-TSUBASA(the wing for say “good-bye”)” was released.
It is held to commemorate the movie.
That is “Macross Frontier for SHINJUKU MARUI ONE!!!”
that is sooooo exciting events.
SHINJUKU MARUI ONE known Japanese pop-culture fashion building
a lots of fashion brand(ex;BABY THE STARS SHINE BRIGHT,PUTUMAYO
…)collaborated Macross Frontier.
I excited that my favorite animation collaborated my favorite fashion

You check it now!!

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