Tokyo Sky Tree has finally become its full height of 634 m

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 The Tokyo Sky Tree, the new TV tower in Tokyo under construction, which has sometimes referred to in this site by other writers and myself, finally reached its “planned full height ” of 634m at  13:34 Mar.18th.

Tokyo Sky Tree that has just become 634m in Sumida-ward Tokyo

  With this, the tower now has become the tallest building in Japan as well as the highest  radio wave tower in the world !  However, the tower is still under construction and is planned to be complete in the next spring.

At first a ceremony had been prepared to celebrate this “reaching the top 634m high”, but due to the huge damages caused by the earthquake off  the Northeast Pacific Ocean(/東北地方太平洋沖地震) on this 11th.  

Now, the total number of the casualties of this earthquake disaster  has added up to 6,911 as of  19:23  18th, which is higher than the existing highest one from the Hanshin Awaji Earthquake( West Region and Awaji isle. earthquake) in 1995 and now has become the worst casualties number caused by a natural disaster after WW2 in Japan.   In addition, still  more than 10,000 people are missing and more than 380,000 people are suffering from hard lives in temporary evacuation centers in cold and even snowing areas…   A lot of provisions and necessities, medical help and others  have been provided to the sufferers from all over the world with firendships, all of which are welcomed with huge joy and gratitude. the situations are becoming a bit better though stiil very tough.

Therefore,  the news of  the Tokyo Sky Tree’s reaching the planned top height is a shiny bright and positive  information to make us recall the hope and possibilities of our future. I hope this piece of news also consoles the hearts of the sufferes in the damaged areas even if a little.

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