Whole area in Akasaki was polluted in black with waste fuel oil

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 East Japan Earthquake



The whole picture of damages, caused by the tsunami in every district, has not been reported yet. The landscape of Akasaki area in Ofunato, Iwate prefecture was  totally painted in dirty black with waste fuel oil which is carried by the tsunami. It used to be a calm and peaceful fishing port, but is something similar to a burned field by a big fire.

Waste fuel oil turned it in black. The oil was carried by the tsunami and covered on rubbles and roofs of destroyed houses in the area. Polluted line on the warehouse wall is clearly realized. It lined on about 3 meters high in some part.

A causal relationship has not been cleared yet, but two oil tanks for the cement plant stand on the inner part of a vacant lot. Each capacity is about 3,000kl fuel oil. According to an employee of the plant, there is a possibility that the tsunami caused to crack the tank and fuel oil was leaked out. However, exact cause has not been found yet. The precinct of the plant is also polluted in dark with the oil.

The plant was forced to stop its operation and an outlook of reconstruction has not been scheduled yet. And also, a large number of ships are supposed to be sunken in the port. Pollution of the sea is concerned.

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