A man was rescued while floating on a wooden wardrobe in Ofunato bay

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A company executive, Mr. Kenichiro Kinno (37) was rescued by a small fishing boat while floating on a wooden wardrobe in Ofunato Bay in the evening of March 11.

Mr. Kinno came back alive from the tsunami. He is now busy putting his office in order.

Although, he took refuge from the earthquake on a community center, he returned home and was trying to change his clothes, which is located 300meters apart from the seaside. When he looked outside from window, the dark tide rushed in swirling. His house was flooded up to the 2nd floor in a few seconds. He desperately clung to the wooden wardrobe floating inside of his house. He was floated 30 cm up to the ceiling board. All the sudden, his house was turned round with big crash and its roof was blown away by the tidal wave. His field of vision suddenly opened up. He was, on the wooden wardrobe, washed away to the offing.

As the sun has set, a small boat named ‘Tagamaru’ passed along the wardrobe.

‘Help!’ he shouted to the boat but there were various kinds of rubbles floating on the sea, such as containers, private houses, driftwoods, and others. ‘It’s impossible now! A captain of the boat replied in a loud voice.

He had lost all hope for his life, if he were carried away to the open sea.

Fortunately, ‘Tagamaru’ returned again in an hour and rescued him with a long rope. ‘I was rescued. It’s unbelievable!’ Tears dripped from his eyes. He repeatedly said ‘Thankyou very much.’ The captain said nothing but only nodded.

He stayed one night on the boat. He was very depressed and could not sleep all the night. The captain encouraged him in saying, ‘While there’s life, there’s hope. You can start again from scratch.’

He went aboard another fishing boat and could land to the east side of Ofunato port in the evening of March 12. After a few hours walking form the port, he finally could reach to the community center and meet with his family. He and his family of three wept in each other’s arms.

‘I was saved by a miracle. I would like to start again from scratch with my family.’ He said. The captain who saved Mr. Kinno firmly refused to say neither name nor address. ‘I will never forget what he has done for me. I would like to find him out and express my gratitude for his kindness one more time, after the situation calmed down again.’ Mr. Kinno said.

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