Ofunato city considers purchasing of the vacant lots of stricken houses

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East Japan Earthquake & Tsunami

About 3,600 private houses were destroyed by the tsunami in Ofunato city. Mr. Kimiaki Toda, the mayor, showed his intention at the press conferance on March 26, that remove all wooden houses from low-lying ground to high ground or inland area. He is now trying to submit a new bill to the city council, that the city purchases the vacant lots of stricken houses.The mayor expressed, ‘We have learned a lot from the disaster. Of course we need more discussion on the issue, but we must not make our children and grandchildren think of this kind of disaster again.’When we make restriction on housing site, we have to refer this question to the City Planning Council and change the local regulation on land usage. There are a lot of cloudy matters, such as how the citizens react to the plan, how much money is required, and so on. ‘We can not keep away from reconstruction of the safety town. I suppose, our citizen completely share my feelings.’ The mayor expressed.

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