My catch is not so bad!

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A fisherman Ito took on the first fishing expedition after the tsunami disaster

East Japan Earthquake & Tsunami

A Fisherman, Mr. Hisanao Ito (65) in Yoshihama took the first ‘Sashiami’ or gill net fishing expedition, after the tsunami occurred, with his baot ‘Kifukumaru’ from Nejiro port in the early morning on April 1. His catch was not bad with over 700 pieces of fish, mainly black rockfish ‘Mebaru’, and other kinds such as ‘Soi’, sea bitterling ‘Tanago’, and ‘Donko’.

‘I didn’t know if it is possible to catch a fish or not. Now, I am sure that ‘Neuo’ or fish living under shore reef is there.’ The old fisherman said with good smile. Including small boat called ‘Sappa-sen’, only 11 fishing boats left unhurt in Yoshihama port, Sanriku town, Ofunato. All 460 set of aquaculture racks for wakame seaweed and scallop were completely destroyed by the great tsunami. Mr. Ito also lost 13 sets.

According to Mr. Ito, there are washed away racks for stationary fishing intertwined with net, which were cut apart from anchors. Groups of floating wreckages disturbed his boat in route.

Many difficulties lie ahead of us before reconstruction, such as clearing of wreckages from the sea, restoration of embankment, secure of fishing boats, and resettlement of fishing racks.

Tsunami destroyed Yoshihama fish market.

Aquaculture requires one year for ‘wakame’ seaweed, and three years for scallops before making money. ‘Only boat fishing is left for me in a few years, but fish market was also damaged. How can I sell my fish?’ He really confused. He is trying to find other market for his catch while relying on cancel returns from life insurance. His catch in his first fishing expedition was distributed to the tsunami victims living in the temporary shelter in Yoshihama.

‘Today is the first step to reconstruction. We have nothing, if we walk off from the sea. I like to show my attitude to endure many hardships to young generations.’ He strongly expressed.

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