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Ofunato city sent a mission to observe the mass transferred housing area 

East Japan Earthquake & Tsunami

Senior clerks from Ofunato city trying to learn from Okushiri mayor Mr. Niimura  Reconstructed Aonae housing area in Okushiri


Two senior officers from the Ofunato Disaster Reconstruction Bureau visited Okushiri, within the jurisdiction of Hiyama, Hokkaido on March 29. They tried to learn reconstruction case from Okushiri, such as the mass transfer of housing area to the high land. Okushiri in Hokkaido suffered a tremendous damage caused by the 1993 Southwest-off Hokkaido Earthquake. This is the first time that local government staff from stricken areas visited Okushiri.

Ofunato city established the new department for reconstruction and named as the Disaster Reconstruction Bureau on March 23. Mr. Takahiro Sato, the chief, and Mr. Hiromasa Yamaguchi, the head clerk, had stayed in Okushiri three days. They interviewed to the Okushiri staff and made an on-the-spot inspection on raised ground level and mass transferred housing areas in Aonae.

The mass transfer to the high land was performed in 1994 and 1995 and spent 700,000,000 yen for 55 houses. New housing areas are also now under construction in every community.

City of Ofunato is still taking busy for emergency measure 


Population of Ofunato city is about 40,000. 267 lives were lost and 259 are still missing in the disaster by March 28. Construction of 2,100 temporary houses is under consideration. ‘Although, Ofunato is now taking busy for emergency measure, we like to begin the examination of the draft and map out an exact course for reconstruction of the stricken area as soon as possible.’ The Bureau chief expressed. The mass transfer of housing area to high land like in Aonae, Okushiri is one of his considerations.

The 1993 southwest-off Hokkaido earthquake (北海道南西沖地震,) occurred at 13:17 UTC on 12 July 1993 in the Sea of Japan near the island of Hokkaido. It had a magnitude of 7.7 on the moment magnitude scale and a maximum felt intensity of VIII (Destructive) on the Mercalli intensity scale. It triggered a major tsunami that caused deaths on Hokkaidō and in southeastern Russia, with a total of 230 fatalities recorded. The island of Okushiri was hardest hit, with 198 casualties from the earthquake, the tsunami and a large landslide.

Okushiri (奥尻町,) is a town encompassing all of Okushiri Island, located in Okushiri District, Hiyama, Hokkaido, Japan. As of 2008, the town has an estimated population of 3,442 and a density of 24.5 persons per km². The total area is 142.98 km².

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