Study Room at the evacuation center in Tochigi

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    New school term in Japan starts in April.  But after the March 11 earthquake and tsunami, many kids cannot go back to school and they spend their whole time at evacuation centers. They must have many worries about their school and studying.

   The study room can support the kids mentally.Shimotsuke newspaper introduced the story that Oyama volunteer support center had opened the study room for the evacuees, who ranged from elementary school pupils to junior and senior high school students at Oyama Kennan Gymnasium, one of the evacuation centers in Tochigi. Some university students and former teachers volunteered to teach. They study for 3 hours in the morning (from Monday through Saturday). They made it a rule to fully concentrate on studying.

   One of the girls (age 11) said with smile, “What I have been doing at the evacuation center is just sleeping and playing… The teachers at the study room are very kind.” Many kids seem to enjoy committing themselves to studying.

   One of the volunteer teachers (age 21) said, “I’d like to go back to Fukushima and become an elementary school teacher in the future. The kids here and myself will work together to reconstruct our hometown – that’s what I have in mind.”

   The organizer said that the study room can help regulate the kids’ daily life. Besides, it can support kids’ mental health.

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