Support Japan with Ganbare Japan! – Japan Expo has created a dedicated Facebook page

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To show your support to Japan, Japan Expo has created a dedicated Facebook page.

On March 11th, 2011, Japan has lived terrible hours.

After a magnitude 9 earthquake, a tsunami has hit the Sendaï area, leaving tens of thousands dead and many more homeless. In addition, nuclear plants in Fukushima have suffered several incidents. Many aftershocks are still agitating Japan.

These tragedies have left Japan hurt and a lot of people are in need. They need moral support and they need your donations.

That’s why we, as Japan Expo, would like to show the solidarity of worldwide fans of Japan, to make them aware that we are with them in our hearts.

A facebook page has been created for you, in order to give a space where you can leave your support messages (texts, photos, drawings, videos). This is your page and you can express your support as you wish.

We have informed all our contacts and partners about this page and we will make sure that all your messages get to Japan.

Several others operations are ongoing and we will keep you informed through this page. Do not hesitate to check for update and share this page with all your friends.

Thank you for your contribution!

Note : “Ganbare Japan!” means “Good luck Japan!” or “Stand firm Japan!”

Join the page Ganbare Japan
and express your support to Japan

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