A charity drive “Stand up Japan !”by popular anime voice stars in Akihabara

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 A charity drive for the sufferers from the huge earthequake in east Japan called “Stand Up Japan !  Charity Drive  in Akihabara” was run by popular anime voice actors  15:00~17:00 in Akihabara, the mecca of Japanese subculture  on this April 3rd.

The anime voice stars asking passers-by to donate money for the sufferers

According to the report in the blog of  Tsuyoshi Koyama(/小山剛志), the facilitator of theevent, totally they have collected ¥2,450,568 (≒$28720,€20031). http://blog.goo.ne.jp/koyamap/

The drive was also cooperated by Yodobashi Camera http://www.yodobashi.com/ and Tablier Communications inc. http://www.tablier.co.jp/.

The fact the voice actors were able to collect such amount of donations in such a short time has proven their great popularity and influence as well. 

The member voice actors of the event were: 小山剛志(/Tsuyoshi Koyama)、平野綾(/Aya Hirano)、福山潤(/Jun Fukuyama)、浪川大輔(/Daisuke Namikawa)、米倉千尋(/Chihiro Yonekura)、石川英郎(/Hideo Ishikawa)、榊原ゆい(/Yui Sakakibara)、石井真(/Makoto Ishii)、桃知みなみ(/Minami Momochi)、ジョイまっくす(Joy Makkusu)、岩男潤子(/Junko Iwao)、池澤春菜(/Haruna Ikezawa)、山本彩乃(/Ayano Yamamoto)、藤崎ルキノ(/Rukino Fujisaki)、長島☆自演乙☆雄一郎(/Yuichiro ☆Jienotsu☆Nagashima)

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