Sendai Airport reopened on April 13th

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 Sendai Airport(/仙台空港) in Miyagi Pref., the hub airport of  Tohoku Region(/東北地方, the Northeast Region of Japan),partially reopened for the first time in 34 days after the tragic earthquake and tsunami disaster on March 11th. 

the Sendai Airport staff welcming the "first" airplane and its passengers on the 13th with huge zeal.

  ANA will operate 3 Daily Tokyo Haneda – Sendai temporary service on board Boeing 737-800 aircraft, while JAL will be offering 1 Daily Tokyo Haneda – Sendai and 2 Daily Osaka Itami – Sendaiservice, also on temporary basis. JAL’sroutes both will be operated by Boeing 737-800 aircraft. Therefore, 6 (×2) flights a day will be all the temporary services at the Sendai Airport for time being.

JAL had withdrawn from Sendai Airport in 1985 and this time it reinstated its service there for the first time in 26 years.

The "first" airplane (Flight Number:ANA1520) taking off from the runway surrounded by huge amount of rubble

 This good news implies the auspicious harbinger of  progressive advances and improvements of  logistics from now on.  The resumption of  such air supply logistic lines is surely to be the trigger for crucially exalting rebuilding of  the damaged areas.    

The "first" airplane of JAL(Flight Number:4721) which has letters of "がんばろう日本 JAL EXPRESS"."がんばろう日本"means "Let us hang in, Japan ". (at Tokyo Haneda Airport)

Sendai Airport was immensely damaged by the earthquake and the tsunami on March 11th.

 The airport was so seriously damaged by the lethal earthquake and following tsunami on March 11thand had a lot of casualties ,and closed down for about 1month. Yet with intensive restoration and rebuilding operations of SDF and US army, now the facility has become able to use partially though.  It still suffers from the power outage which restricts the facility’s business hours for only daytime, and only the  1st floor is able to use. The airport now entirely relies on its in-house power generation facilities.  The affiliated railroad system is still out of service and the only possible public transport is the temporary substitute bus service for the train service at the moment.   

Ito Shinichiro(/伊東信一郎), the president of ANA, said, “I expect the reopening of  the Sendai Airport to be the symbol of  the rebuilding of Tohoku as a whole.  As the airport is the bub one in that region, I hope it will be totally restored so soon.”.  And Katsuhiko Ito (/伊藤克彦), the president of Sendai Airport Terminal Building (, said, “We shall make every effort and hopefully we wiil be able to fully reopen and operate the airport by this September”.    Hiroyuki Ohkawa(/大川博之) , the captain of the JL4721 said, “We shall do our best, so I hope people in Tohoku Region will do their best for recovery as well.”    

The schedules of  reinstatement of the international flight lines and freight flights are still up in the air as of the 13th. However, as President  Katsuhiko Ito announces, we do hope all services will resume so soon.

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