Paradise Kiss gets spin-off mobile drama

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Before the live-action “Paradise Kiss” movie is released on June 4, a spin-off drama titled “Paradise Kiss: After School” will be made available through the mobile content service “LISMO Drama!” The 4-episode series will be released on Fridays starting on May 6, gearing up for the movie’s premiere.

Based on Yazawa Ai’s popular fashion-themed manga “Paradise Kiss,” the movie stars Kitagawa Keiko as a high school girl who gets scouted to be a model by a group of fashion design students. The “After School” spin-off will be a comical look at the daily lives of the four characters George (Mukai Osamu), Isabella (Igarashi Shunji), Miwako (Omasa Aya), and Arashi (Kaku Kento). The story will mainly take place in George’s luxurious apartment.

The “Paradise Kiss” movie already finished filming last year, but the spin-off’s cast reunited after four months to reprise their characters.

The drama is being written and directed by Fukuda Yuichi, who also handled the live-action adaptation of Ishihara Makochin’s manga “The 3-Mei-sama.”


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Comment from misstalker
Time 02/11/2013 at 23:40

where can i have a copy of this? or watch this? please!!! share me a link 🙂

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