New Proposal from ‘Mt. Daisen’

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‘SPA’ in Onsen Resort:

Fusion of Local Resources and Healing Technology

Daisen Lake Hotel-Part 1



Name Daisen Lake Hotel
Address: Lakeside Ohnoko, Daisen-cho, Saihaku-gun, Tottori, 689-3317 Japan
Phone:  0859-52-3333
Chick in 15:00 Chick out 10:00


Family Co. acquired ‘Daisen Lake Hotel’ in March 2010


The new owner, Family Co. in Osaka


A large massage chair production and sales company in Osaka acquired ‘Daisen Lake Hotel’ form Hotel Keihan Co. in Osaka in March 2010. Family Co. has started its management since April 2010. The large massage chair company promised to keep present condition of the hotel facility and employment with existing staff members. And also ‘Hotel-keihan group liked to keep partner ship as a member hotels and relationship with the new owner. Family Co. is trying to bring new concept based on ‘beauty and health’ as a special-feature promotion to increase new arrivals to the hotel. They like to increase its bottom line of arrival numbers in adjusting up and down occupancy between summer and winter.

Competing Onsen Resorts in the Same Market

Kaike Onsen (left), Tamatsukuri Onsen (center), and Misasa Onsen (right)


 There are too many famous hot spring resorts in Sanin area such as Kaike Onsen, Tamatuskuri Onsen, Misasa Onsen, and so on. In 2009, new Onsen ‘Ohgamiyama Onsen’(大神山温泉) was gushed out at the halfway up Mt. Daisen and then so-called the revitalization project for local community has started. On December 1, 2010, as the first step, Daisen Lake Hotel completed its renewal project and started its new spa facility.

Local sightseeing resources and advanced technology provides healing for visitors


Daisen Lake Hotel stood on the lakeside in the half way up to Mt. Daisen.


About 20 minutes drive to the South from JR Yonago Station, regarded as one of the high standard resort hotels in the district, Daisen Lake Hotel stood on the lakeside in the half way up to Mt. Daisen.

The hotel is rich in forest and all guest rooms are facing to the lake, so you can enjoy seeing beautiful views of Lake Ohno and Mt. Daisen in every season as such scarlet tinged autumn leaves and snow in winter from the balcony while staying.

Once the district was prospered with many arrivals from Kansai area for summer resort, mountain climbing, and skiing, but in recent years, number of arrivals have been decreased caused by recession in Japan.  However, all the sudden, business condition of the hotel has changed when Family Co., massage chair maker based on Osaka, started operation.

Mr. Nichimu Inada, CEO

According to Mr. Nichimu Inada, (稲田二千武), CEO, ‘If onsen business is depended on traditional management style based just on its traditional requirement, as such in onsen, surrounding natural environment, and food service, repeating arrivals are getting decrease and its profitability is also lowered caused by price competition. Under his concept, the hotel took a large scale renovation.

8 guest rooms on the first floor among its 36 rooms in total were completely remodeled to 6 private bathrooms so-called ‘medical spa rooms’ each in different concept, counseling room, and public treatment room.

“In a mysterious attraction and natural environment of Mt. Daisen, we like to provide time for healing in creating additional value in saying ‘promoting good condition of mental and physical health and beautiful figure’. So, we tried to provide as much our own technology in promoting good health and figure, and healing as we can, in which has built through production of massage chair and others”, Mr. Inada continued.






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