A survived guy participates in reconstruction work

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[From Ofunato city-my stricken home town]

-East Japan Earthquake & Tsunami Disaster-


Ofunato City employs jobless victims for reconstruction


Mr. Suzuki stood on the stricken site of his home.

Ofunato city has started supporting unemployed people those who lost their working places caused by the East Japan Earthquake. The city employs these people for removing rubbles.

Mr. Satoru Suzuki (38) is one of those who attended the briefing session held on April 20. An ex-temporary prefectural staff of Iwate living in Akasaki town had a narrow escape from death at the tsunami. He lost expecting employment from April because of the tsunami and decided to work for reconstruction of his city.

On March 11, he was working at the Iwate prefectural government office building in Ofunato when the earthquake occurred. He was afraid of his first daughter (18) who was just graduated from her senior high and stayed alone at home. He found a rush arriving black water in front of his car while he intended to pick her up and drove on a prefectural highway to his home.

 ‘It is a tsunami!’ He made his car a U-turn in a panic but was caught only in a few meters drive. ‘During the moment I felt more dead than alive. It was something like a slow motion movies.’ Even now he can’t think of it without a shudder. He tried escape from his car, but its door was hard to open. ‘It’s all up with me.’ He thought.

The black water was withdrawn for an instant. He could open the door and escaped from his car. He rushed into nearby bush on a hill and ran up desperately. His car sank in the second tidal wave in an instant as he turned to look at his back.

Although, his home was totally destroyed, all his family could saved their lives fortunately. His job under the temporary employment was scheduled to finish on the final day of March. He had been informally promised employment from April at an electronic parts factory. However, the earthquake destroyed production line of the factory and his employment was canceled.

His family now moved to one of governmental houses under the employment promotion system after being lived in the shelter. From April, Mr. Suzuki has participated in volunteer work such as removing rubbles.

‘I won’t be able to support my family without any fixed income.’ He thought like that and decided to apply for municipal reconstruction work. Actually, construction companies entrusted the implementation of this plan employ tsunami victims. Their daily wages are 7,200 yen. 297 refugees applied to the first recruitment starting from April 13, and 110 people were employed.

Mr. Suzuki was given a set of uniform and helmet after attending in-house training. He had no experience of working at construction site. Although, he is little afraid of rough and hazardous work, he really hopes earlier recovery of his town from the disaster.

 ‘Even my effort is not enough, but I try my best for reconstruction.’ He is going to participate for reconstruction work from April 23.


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