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Under the Onsen specialist, Architect Ebisawa’s design 


Daisen Lake Hotel-Part 2



Name Daisen Lake Hotel
Address: Lakeside Ohnoko, Daisen-cho, Saihaku-gun, Tottori, 689-3317 Japan
Phone:  0859-52-3333
URL: http://www.daisen.com
Chick in 15:00 Chick out 10:00


Mr. Hiroshi Ebisawa, Architect

Mr. Hiroshi Ebisawa(海老沢 宏http://www.e-koubo.co.jp/), who has important achievements to his credit in exclusive spa and onsen facilities, was appointed for space design of ‘medical spa rooms’.

Under his design, the floor was reborn as a space of modern Japanese taste, incorporation with beautiful outside scenery of the lake.

The space where provides experience of healing for your five senses at once is equipped with latest automatic rocking bed, LED ceiling lighting, and large bathtub for carbonated water. Treatment menu is composed of color therapy, 1/f fluctuation therapy, musical therapy, sensible temperature therapy, air-wave therapy and so on.

The public treatment room named ‘medical beauty room’ is equipped with latest shape-up machines, electric potential, low frequency, and ultra short wave treatment machines and guests can use them freely under the guidance of the treatment staff. Private spa rooms are hourly reserved and the medical beauty room is usually provided for before or after using them. It appeals to solve problems in employment and cost performance of treatment staff and improvement of productivity. The system is expected to be a business model in the field.

Key is the Ability on Program Coordination 

Dr. Toshio Hazama, Director of the health department

Staff members who coordinate guests in self treatment area are important. For example, a staff in charge of the counseling room must have a thorough knowledge of Onsen quality, food & beverage, health, healing, and also natural environment on Mt. Daisen and be able to set up personal menu for each guest after checking his or her condition and favorite food. Then, the staff gives an advice which kind of herb, flower, or fruits is suitable for a cup of herb tea or Chinese tea, or putting into carbonated water bath.

“We would like to reinforce our health program based on food and trekking in providing local natural resources.” Mr. Toshio Hazama, director of the health department, says. He is in charge of setting training program for heath advisors of the company.

As a part of the Revitalization Project for ‘Daisen Onsen’

Creating ‘Daisen Health Resort’ is the final goal for the town of Daisen.


The Revitalization Project for ‘Daisen Onsen’ has begun since boring of hot spring at Daisen-cho in the halfway up Mt. Daisen in 2009. ‘Building up Your Health’ is its concept. It means mental and physical health. An Onsen facility is planed to construct in Daisen-cho as a foothold and other resort facilities such as hotel, Japanese inn, temple lodging for pilgrims, private guest house, and pension, surround it, and finally create ‘Daisen Health Resort’ as a whole. The project is also supported by the local government.

Seminars and study class, training for service manners and learning knowledge on Onsen business, have been performed by a young proprietor group.

How to demonstrate its charm point of Daisen based on its Onsen and spa compete against other famous Onsen resorts jostling in the same market.

Daisen Lake Hotel is really in the van of this project. It is greatly expected to be a breakthrough for revitalization of local economy.

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