Private apartment houses for students will be provided for victim families

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[From Ofunato city-my stricken home town]

-East Japan Earthquake & Tsunami Disaster-

Ofunato city leases private students’ apartment houses and use them as temporary housing for victim families.

Stricken area of nearest town of Kitasato University ‘Sakihama’

Ofunato city is now studying to lease private apartment houses used for Kitasat University students from owners and use them as temporary housing for tsunami victims. The school of marine biosciences of the university will be transferred temporary from Sanriku town in Ofunato to its main campus in Sagamihara city. The city directed its attention to these empty apartment houses after the movement of students. The plan will try to live up to the state principle of that empty rent houses shall be provided to the 3-11 victims.

According to the estimation of the city, about 140 to 150 rent apartment houses will be available for the plan, which are left unhurt in the city. These apartment houses will be provided free to the victim families in next two years as the same term as other municipal temporary housing. Although, the city planed to start construction of 33 temporary houses at Sakihama Elementary School ground and 120 at Daiichi Junior High School on April 22, the plan is called off. The expecting 78 temporary houses at ‘Sanson Hiroba’ will be increased to 84 houses instead.

The economy of the city will be greatly influenced by the temporary transfer of Kitasato University Sanriku Campus. ‘Firstly, it is for victim families, but also for revitalization of local economy.’ An officer of the city planning department expressed.


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