72 temporary houses for homeless families are now ready to move in

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[From Ofunato city-my stricken home town]

-East Japan Earthquake & Tsunami Disaster-

1,500 families have applied for expecting 2,200 temporary houses


822 temporary houses have been under construction in Ofunato city


In Ofunato city, temporary prefab houses for homeless families are completed and keys are given to applicants at a briefing session held on April 25. This is the first time of moving in to municipal temporary houses in the city. The briefing session is held at an assembly hall in the site and 57 families received their door keys. This time 72 houses, consisting of 18 1DK-type houses (one room and a combination dining-kitchen), 36 2DK-type houses (two rooms and a combination dining-kitchen), and 18 3DK-type houses (three rooms and a combination dining-kitchen) are completed which are built at the old site of the Prefectural Ofunato Hospital.

Ms. Tamiko Nakao smiled after taking a look at her new living place.

Totally, 72 families will move in to the temporary houses here including left of 15 families who will take their keys later. Daily necessities including electric home appliances provided from Iwate prefecture and Japan Red Cross are expected to be bringing in by the end of April. Each family went and took a look at his or her new living place after receiving of the key.

Ms. Tamiko Nakao (70) who will move in from the shelter at the Ofunato Community Center said with a smile. ‘Although, it is still uncertain what we will be in future, we can have a good night’s sleep at least.’ A lady (50) who lost her home by the tsunami and plans to share the house with her mother (82) said. ‘First of all, we really like to take a bath as soon as possible.’

According to the city official, 822 temporary houses, including the above houses, have been under construction in the city, and about 1,500 families have applied for municipal temporary houses. Originally, the city planned to build 2,200 temporary houses, but the city now considers reducing its number accordingly.




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