Designation of ‘disaster danger area’ by the municipal ordinance

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 [From Ofunato city-my stricken home town]

-Great East Japan Earthquake & Tsunami Disaster-


Ofunato mayor possitively responses to the prefectural requisition

Mr. Toda/ the mayor and stricken area of Ofunato city


Iwate prefecture called for setting up local ordinance to towns and cities, which ban on or restrict constructing new house in the stricken areas. The mayor of Ofunato city, Mr. Kimiaki Toda, responded positively to it and answered to reporters. ‘We would like to set up municipal ordinance and try not to build private houses in a danger zone.’

He also defined his position that possible danger area at the tsunami will be designated as ‘the disaster danger area’ and ban on living. The designated area shall be used as the site for plants and shops instead. All residents will live on the safety high ground and commute to these working places from there. ‘The most recommendable plan is that the designated area shall be purchased by the city under the financial support from the government.’ He added.


Miyako mayor is very cautious on the issue

Mr. Yamamoto/ the mayor and stricken area of Miyako city


On the other hand, Mr. Masanori Yamamoto, the mayor of Miyako city, is very cautious on the issue. ‘If there are residents who do not accept setting up such ordinance, we need a discussion.’


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