Colorful Carp Streamers from Sagamihara will fly about in Ofunato

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[From Ofunato city-my stricken home town]
-Great East Japan Earthquake & Tsunami Disaster-
Annual event of Sagamihara is transferred to the shelter in Ofunato

Colorful carp streamers will fly about at the shelter in Ofunato city this time.

 Annual event during golden week ‘Carp streamers festival fly about over the Sagamigawa River’ was canceled this year because of the natural disaster, but carp streamers will be put up at the shelter of Ofunato city instead. Sagamihara city called off the event on March, but the city decided to take place it in their sister city Ofunato to encourage victim children in the shelter.

Executive committee members of the event select carp streamers carrying to Ofunato

The annual event has been counted 23 times already. It has been held from April 29 to May 5 and became popular among citizens and visitors to the city. This year, the city considered the feelings of victims in the disaster and decided to call it off. However, some executive committee members who participated to help victim citizens from April 14 to 18 in Ofunato judge the situation. When they talked about the annual carp streamers’ event to the volunteer staff at the shelter, they expressed their hearty welcome of the event. ‘The children in the shelter won’t be able to go anywhere on a pleasure trip this year. Something pleasure for the children is welcome.’ They expressed.

Executive committee members of the event, carrying with about 60 carp streamers, depart from Sagamihara city on May 2, and arrive in Ofunato city at next early morning. They try to put streamers at the shelter as soon as possible. And they are going to distribute hot emergency food to the people in the shelter on May 3 and 4.

20 members including volunteer students will bring own shelter tents for camping out at the site and trying not to obstruct people in the shelter. ‘All sorts of supporting supplies have spread to almost every people in the shelter, we think, next step is bring them enjoy something pleasure for taking one step out to recover their composure.’ Mr. Jun Kjiyama (28), a secretariat of the executive committee members, says.





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