2m high snowman from ‘Taneyamagahara Height’

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[From Ofunato city-my stricken home town]

-Great East Japan Earthquake & Tsunami Disaster-

Young men in Sumita town sent a big snowman to Ofunato


A big snowman arrived in Honzoji temple in Ofunato from ‘Taneyamagahara Height’ on May 3. Young men in Sumita town try to encourage victim citizens in Ofunato and sent it.

Members of executive committee of ‘Kesen Rock Festival’ living in the town brought snow from ‘Taneyamagahara Height’ where the festival was held last summer. They made a 2 meters high snowman at night on May 2. They had participated in ‘Sanriku Fukko Shokudo’ or Food Festival for Reconstruction of Sanriku at Honzoji temple until May 3. Sending of a big snowman was a part of their plan at the festival.

‘We really wanted to please children in Ofunato.’ Mr. Motoyuki Sato (37), who engaged in forestry in Sumita town, said. The big snowman was very popular among children. ‘This is the first time to see such a big snowman.’ Miss Rio Takahashi (4) from Massaki town was really pleased.

Members of Iwate racetrack association and a popular TV personality ‘Fujipon’ also participated to the food festival on that day. So children could enjoy horseback riding on pony, too.




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