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[From Ofunato city-my stricken home town]

-Great East Japan Earthquake & Tsunami Disaster-

Successive Miss Camellias send their good smiles


‘Tsubaki-no-kizuna’ or Bonds of friendship among Miss Camellia, is a voluntary organization of successive female members of publicity work for sightseeing in Ofunato city. Ms. Sho Yoshida, the representative of the voluntary organization, and other members organized an event named ‘Heart to Smile in Goishi’ at ‘Goishi Kaigan Resthouse’ on May 4.

Unfortunately, most their activities, such as ‘All Japan Camellia Summit’ and ‘the Sightseeing Festival in Goishi Seaside’, were canceled after the disaster. They tried to encourage local community under the support of many organizations and enterprises instead. It was fine weather for the event and many family members and young people arrived at the event site.

Variety of fine food were provided at the event, such as ‘Kamameshi’ or a single serving of rice, meat, and vegetables boiled together in a small pot, cooked by ‘Goishi Kyushoku’, ‘Nagasaki Chanpon’ or noodles stewed with meat and vegetables, by ‘Kesen Shimin Fukko Renrakukai’, and curry and rice by ‘Goishi Kaigan Resthouse’ Relief supplies including clothes are also distributed.

‘Teramachi Ichiza’ form Hikoroichi town in the city performed vivid music ‘Chin-don show’ or loudly dressed street musicians employed for advertising purposes, consisting of dram, saxophone and clarinet at the site. It is their first performance after the disaster. Ms. Toyoko Sato (69) participated as an assistant of ‘Teramachi Ichiza’ and helped cooking ‘Goishi-kuroji-dango’ or go stone shaped dumplings. The dumplings are created by Mr. Kazunari Yamashita, the chief of the theatrical company. Similar to real go stones, black and white colored dumplings are cooked. Brown sugar is used to cook black dumplings and steamed mugwort is for white ones. She picked this wild plant from beside of the paddy field nearby her house yesterday. Millet powder used for dumplings is also homemade.

‘I had been giving guidance for cutting of chicken to Chinese trainees at the meat factory when the earthquake occurred. The factory building was greatly swayed so I took refuge at high ground with Chinese trainees. Soon after that dark and wild seawater rushed up to the factory.’ She is scared of the big tsunami even now. ‘The sort of event like this cheers us up. I am going to be seventy years of age so that I expect young citizens in Ofunato city. They will be able to reconstruct our town better than before. I really love Ofunato.’ She added.

Ms. Hashizume and Ms. Yoshida (from the right) distribute ‘Uni-gohan’ at the event.

Miss. Ayaka Shida, a second year student of Massaki Junior High, looked really enjoyed the event. ‘This dish is very good. I really enjoyed it.’ Her mother, Reika (37) also talked. ‘Today is fine day and the event really cheered us up.’

The 10th generation of ‘Tsubaki-musume’ or Miss Camellia in active in 2008, Ms. Show Yoshida (33) and Ms. Urara Hashizume (34) took the lead to organize ‘Tsubaki-no-kizuna’ in April after the tsunami disaster occurred.  ‘We like to encourage victim citizens.’ Then event was planed. Various organizations and enterprises in the city and from other cities supported the event.

Seven successive members were participated the event. ‘Within the limited time, these organizations and enterprises had greatly supported us.’ Ms. Hashizume expressed her gratitude. ‘We are glad if arrived people can make themselves encouraged and cheerful. We would like to plan events to promote sightseeing in Ofunato city as many as we can.’ Ms. Yoshida prospects of their activity.





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