One month late entrance ceremony was held at their temporary school building

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[From Ofunato city-my stricken home town]

-Great East Japan Earthquake & Tsunami Disaster-

Iwate Prefectural Takata Senior High School  

Mr. Hikaru Ito made a speech representing all freshmen.

One month behind of the entrance ceremony for Takata Senior High School was performed at the temporary school building in Ofunato city on May 10. All facility of their school building including its gymnasium in Rikuzen-takata city was completely damaged by the tsunami on March 11 and won’t be able to use for normal school term.

A part of building for East Ofunato Senior High School is now used as their temporary school building. About 450 people, including 180 freshmen attended to the entrance ceremony held at the gymnasium of East Ofunato Senior High School. Their original school building was flooded up to the 3rd floor. Most students took refuge at their second playground located in high ground, but 23 people including teachers who were participated in club activities at other facility were sacrificed. 4 students and one teacher are still missing.

Some freshmen could not afford to purchase school uniforms and attended in their plain clothes or sweat suits. Before the ceremony, all attendants offered a moment of silent prayer for the victims. Mr. Hikaru Ito (15) represented for all freshmen and made a speech. ‘Although, we are not sure when we can return to our own school building, we try our best for studying and club activities filling with hope. Mr. Ito lost his father and his mother and grand mother are still missing.

Mr. Masahiro Kikuchi (17), the chairman of student council, sent a welcome speech. ‘The reconstruction from the disaster for future rests upon us. Let’s stand up together!’ Mr. Kikuchi lost his parents by the tsunami.

186 freshmen were expected to enter as of April 1, but 6 freshmen transferred to other schools. The last term of the school year has started at their temporary school building since May 2.


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