Newly-hatched birds are entrusted for recovery of the brand chicken ‘Nambu-dori’

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[From Ofunato city-my stricken home town]

-Great East Japan Earthquake & Tsunami Disaster-

Amatake Food Co. in Ofunato city 

A large number of first chicks after the disaster hatched at the hatchery of the Amatake co. in Ofunato on May 13. These newly-hatched birds are chicks of famous brand chicken ‘Nambu-dori’. The food production company in Ofunato lost over one million cocks and hens because of lack of food to feed them after the tsunami. The reconstruction of the company depends totally on these newly-hatched chicks which have overcome difficult conditions. About 6,000 chicks hatched on this day.

It is rather smaller amount of poultries compared to the normal condition, but vivid chirpings filled in the hatchery. Over 30,000 cocks and hens are regularly kept feeding. Meat processing factory of Amatake Co. in Ofunato city was greatly damaged by the tsunami and was unable to ship forward their goods. And also a feed production factory in Ishinomaki city, Miyagi Prefecture was washed away by the tsunami and stopped its service. The company was forced to give up over one million poultries.

They tried hard to keep its seed cocks for protecting the brand. They also were busy around getting light oil for generator and feed for chickens. ‘I had to keep my mind to protect at least the core of our business.’ Mr. Atsushi Sasaki (60), the managing director in charge of production line reminded.

It took more than one month to get stable feed for our chicks. Mother hens lost over 25% of normal weight in this period. They shared limited amount of feed and finally grew up to the incubation stage. Eyes of some staff members were filled with tears when they saw hatched chicks.

Total loss caused by the disaster counted over 400 million yen. Most staff is still forced to stop working and stay at home. Meat processing is expected to begin in June, but it is still on the way of reconstruction. ‘We need more time for total recovery, but this marks our first step, at least. I was encouraged myself in seeing these vivid chicks. My will for recovery is strengthened.’ Another managing director, Mr. Morihiro Murakami (52), also talked.


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