GOPAN, a rice bread maker, came to my house!

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As I wrote in this site before(, the world first rice bread maker GOPAN had been in short supply since last year.  On April 27th, the time came when SANYO had restarted accepting advance orders of GOPAN. 

I ordered a GOPAN at an electronics store two weeks ago and GOPAN came to my house yesterday.

Rice Bread baked by GOPAN

Here is the first rice bread I baked at home.  Rice grains were really made into bread!! But I have to add that the sound of the cutting edge technology called the “rice paste method” was so big.  It was like a concrete mixer truck was working at home!! (30 seconds each, 10 times in total)

How was the taste of the rice bread??  “Yummy yummy!!” my boys shouted! My family and I really loved that sticky bread.  When we chewed it well, we could taste the rice itself. 

I think the technology has widened our view of what is “bread”!

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