‘Akasaki Brand’ of oyster-farming restarted in Ofunato

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[From Ofunato city-my stricken home town]

-Great East Japan Earthquake & Tsunami Disaster-

Fish-farming in Shimo-takonoura Fishing Port

Shimo-takonoura Fishermen’s union for oyster farming in Akasaki town, Ofunato had a great damage at the tsunami caused by the East Japan Earthquake. Fishermen in the port were busy removing rubbles caused by the tsunami and no time to spare for fish farming. Bedding of baby oysters arrived from Ishinomaki city in Miyagei prefecture was performed in Takonoura fishing port in Ofunato city on May 19. They expect good harvest in the next spring while setting of farming beds. They were savoring their happiness all by themselves.

About 20 members from the Shimo-takonoura Fish-farming Union attended at the freight facility in the port on that day. Baby oysters were bedded on farming ropes which are placed on the wooden plates in the facility where was also flooded by the tsunami but not washed away. 1,200 ropes of baby oysters were arrived from a fish farming trader in Ishinomaki city, Miyage prefecture through the Ofunato Fishermen Union on March 18. A few centimeters long baby oysters have been bedded on scallop shells. Each baby oyster was carefully bedded on the farming rope.

Timbers floated down to the fishing port were temporary used for their faming beds. Although, bedding procedure was rather tough and complicated and quantity of them was one third compared to regular season, all participated members were always chatting and smiling each other. ‘Ah, that’s exactly what you like working on the beach.’ They call out to hail each other.

Mr. Zenichi Azuma (73) strongly expressed his will. ‘We expect our oyster will make all customers satisfied.’ Mr. Machitaka Kumagai (19), a company employee living in the community, who helped loading of farming ropes with baby oysters on board the fishing boat, said in smile. ‘I would like to help something good for our community. Although, some work is really hard, we can expect good harvest for next year and the year after next, and therefore I like to participate.’ Ms. Hiroko Azuma (54) hopes earlier and stable reconstruction of fish-farming and added that. ‘We are very glad to restart fish-farming but worry about its quality at the same time. We really like to continue fish-farming every year.’

Temporary farming beds are consisted of 24 pieces of 100 meters ropes. Fishermen put ropes bedded with baby oysters the sea and tied skillfully with these ropes. 12 sets of farming beds consisting of pair of 100 meters long ropes with baby oysters have already arranged on the sea near the fishing port. The ropes were carefully tied with the beds one after another by hand.

Earlier harvest of oysters without shells will be expected in this fall.  ‘Akasaki Oyster’ is one of the most famous brands in Japan. The Shimo-takonoura Fish-farming Union lost about 300 sets farming beds in the port at the tsunami. A large number of their fishing boats were washed away and rubbles are still scattered on the wharf. They are trying hard to step forward for reconstruction of fish-farming while sharing of left fishing boats unhurt. ‘Now our sea is getting clear and better in quality compare to just after the tsunami occurred. We have no way of living other than depending on the sea. We would like to increase our fish-farm products again as soon as possible.’ Mr. Yoshiaki Shida, a union president, is expecting.




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